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11/03/2019 12:16 AM
Matterz Interview: Tenaj

Two months after our last interview Tenaj is back with another club banger and is ready to make you dance like there is no tomorrow.  Let's see what's new is happening in her life.

1)        Hi Tenaj. How have you been?
I am good thanks. I’m in a very busy and productive period. :)

2)        Back on Matterz and you have some great news to share with your fans. Let us know about your new single. Party Without You! What’s the story behind the track? 
Yes, I’m back. I have been working a lot to come with some new great music. Party Without You was inspired by Don Diablo’s song survive. I love that song as well Emeli Sande’s acoustic Version. I wanted a song which I could perform acoustically as well as in the clubs. The lyrics where created by Myah Marie and produced by Wolvo. 

3)        How was the recording and writing process?
It was good and smooth.  

4)        Well-known producer Wolvo is behind the slick production of the track. How are you feeling about it?  
Yes, I’m blessed to had the chance to work with Wolvo. He’s a great producer. I just let him do his thing. 

5)        Any plans for a music video soon?
Yes, it’s all coming.

6)        What’s the differences on ‘Party Without You’ and ‘Be As I Am Metamorphosis’?
Party Without You has more of a Pop feel. Be as I Am is more Future House. 

7)        Who are your favourite artists/ producers that you would like to collaborate with them soon and why? 
At the moment I would like to collaborate with Nervo. I think they are great. 

8)        Are you planning a club tour this year or a new single release?
My live show performance will be available on YouTube November 1st and definitely in the works. New music will be coming in January. This year, I will release the music video for Party Without You. 

9)        Do you have a special message for your fans? 
I have much more music to come for you guys to come. Stay tuned.

10)    Tenaj thank you very much for the interview.
Thank you for having me. 

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11/01/2019 02:32 PM
Matterz Interview: Kurtis Lee @TheLuckyGuys

16-year old Kurtis Lee is already considered as a teen phenomenon. We still keep trying to copy his dance routines but unfortunately, we can't #MoveLikeKurtis. So, we sat and talked with this amazing and multi-talented young guy and definitely we can say that the future is yours Kurtis. 

1)        Hi Kurtis. How have you been?
I've been good. How have you been?

2)        Tell us your story so far and describe a typical day of you.
My story... well I started dancing when I was 4 yrs old doing street dance. As I grew older I got into singing too.

A typical day for me... well that depends on the day. Monday to Friday I have college where I study dance and then most evenings I'm either doing dance classes or teaching other kids dance as well. At the weekend I dance and sing. That’s it, performing full time.

3)        You recently released your single with The Lucky Guys ‘Happy Life’. What’s the story behind the track?
The song is an upbeat, feel-good song. It's meant to lift your spirits and make you feel good.

4)        How was the recording and writing process with The Lucky Guys?
The song was written by the Lucky Guys and I was approached about doing the vocals to go on the track. We recorded the vocals at Konk Studios in North London where many famous artists have recorded like Adele. It was a great day and everyone was really pleased with what we had created at the end of the session.

5)        What’s ‘Happy Life’ for you?
Happy life to me is being with friends or family and having a good time. It can be anything from a holiday overseas to just chilling at the local park with my friends.

6)        We are in love with the video and its positive vibe. Do you have to share with us some funny behind-the-scenes stories?
The video was recorded at the beginning of Summer and all the people in the video were my friends from my performing arts school, I Got Soul. We had a great day and for lunch the record company supplied pizzas for everyone... I've never seen so much pizza before. There must have been 30 or 40 pizzas delivered and trust me... it all went... hahaha

7)        You are only 16 and you are a great dancer! We keep trying to #MoveLikeKurtis but it’s not so easy. Give us some advice to copy the dancing routines.
Just keep trying, never give up and feel the music your vibing to. Everybody has a dance or two inside them... it's just about having the confidence to let it out.

8)        Who are your favourite artists and bands? How do you incorporate their work in your sound and vocals?
I like a wide range of singers from current singers like Aitch and Stormy to older singers like Michael Jackson and Ne-yo. I also like a wide range of music...one minute I can being playing something old like James Brown or Nina Simone and then I'll be straight into something like Nirvana or Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I take all their different sounds and styles and try to incorporate them into my singing.

9)        What’s next?  Any plans for a school tour or an EP release?
You never know... I would love to get out there and start performing live for all you guys.

10)    Do you have a special message for your fans?
First of all I want to thank everyone that has streamed the song so far or watched the video on Youtube. It means a lot to me that people are taking the time out to show their support. Keep strong and keep listening xx

11)    Kurtis thank you very much for the interview.
No problem... thank you xx

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11/03/2019 12:05 AM
Tenaj 'Party Without You'

Tenaj is coming back this autumn with another club banger. ‘Party Without You’, the pop dance anthem with the slick production is going to make you dance like there is no tomorrow. Tenaj saysThe track is a nice fusion between Future House and Pop music. I think everyone can relate to it in one way or another. Get ready to feel the vibe.’’
‘Party Without You’ is the follow up single after the successful ‘Be As I Am Metamorphosis’, released last summer and received general acclaim and great positions in charts. For this track Tenaj collaborated with the well-known producer Wolvo who has worked with Warner/Chappell, Sony/ATV, RedBull Publishing, Rocnation, Pulse, Capitol, Disney, Sony Music, Atlantic, Epic andRCA.
She has won multiple Hollywood Music Awardsfor the Best Emerging Artist andBest EDM Song. She was 8 weeks in the number 1 on the Club Radio Charts in the USA and had a great success in iTunes top 100, Swiss dance Charts, Radio AirPlay Now, Examinar, Record World Chart and Edge Music.
Tenaj is currently working with Vessbroz in a new single and planning her UK tour. Keep checking her socials for the latest updates.

10/03/2019 01:38 PM
The Lucky Guys ft Kurtis Lee 'Happy Life'

Happy Lifeis the debut single from The Lucky Guys featuring 16-year old phenomenon Kurtis Lee described as Justin Bieber meets BTS. Award-winning producer Patrik Majer who has worked with the likes of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Marc Almond and many more is behind the slick production of the track with the positive vibe, the colourful video and the catchy dance routines. The Lucky Guys say ‘‘Blown away by his distinctive tone and powerful delivery, we felt compelled to ask Kurtis to re-record the song, simply because his voice would be a perfect fit for it! The result meant that this contemporary rendition of Happy Life took on a brand-new form of its own, breathing new life into what was already a source of boundless optimism for many music fans.’’

The incredible trio worked in the reawakening of a feel-good summer pop song and teased the senses of the audience with the release of the first two remixes by Until Dawn in August reaching number 8 in the Commercial Pop Music Week Chartsand we are still at the beginning of a successful run.

Kurtis has always had a passion for music, the performing arts and choreographed his own routines. As a multi-faceted performer participated in several UK dance productions, before joining the renowned I Got Soul Agency & Performing Arts School - an institution that has nurtured and enhanced the careers of some of the UK’s favourite dancers, singers, actors and West End stars. It was here that Kurtis developed and refined his singing skills. Then, Kurtis met The Lucky Guys and the rest is history. 

The trio is currently working on new music and planning some promo gigs around the UK this autumn.  Stay tuned on the social media for the latest updates and get ready to #MoveLikeKurtis. 

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09/11/2019 08:40 AM
Saffa Ghorishi x Eyez ft Sylvia Mwenze ‘Strangers’

Strangers  is Saffa Ghorishi’s hotly awaited new single with Grime MC/Rappersuperstar Eyez. The bright summer track with the slick production is a combination of the UK rap, reggaeton and dancehall, using latino and Middle-Eastern musical elements. The short catchy rap verse is flowing into an infectious vocal hook performed by the talented Sylvia Mwenze who is backing singer for Rag N’Bone & Peter Andre. Saffa says "Strangers is a combination of two minds infusing our culture and diversity to encapsulate love and… an energetic track with a blend of the old and new sounds".

‘Strangers’ is the follow-up single from Upside Down, a track with grime and trap influences which received rave reviews and teased the senses of the audience at the famous Outlook festival.  The single was featured on blogs such as Blatantly Blunt, 3000, Once Upon A Grime, UKHH 

Emerged from the south coast of the UK as a DJ, turntablist and performing alongside MC’s in the UK underground hip-hop and rap scene, Saffa showed in a short period of time his potential in music. He has supported the likes of Krept & Konan, Headie One, Octavian, Ocean Wisdom, Rizzle Kicks, he was the tour DJ for Steel Banglez and has produced several tracks for Eyez, Olivia Louise and Hatter.  His Iranian origin had a pivotal role in his versatile music style, gaining general acclaim and support from 1Xtra and BBC Asian Network.

Saffa is currently working on new music.  Stay tuned on his social media for the latest updates.

09/10/2019 02:26 PM
Matterz Interview: Tenaj

Tenaj recently released 'Be As I am Metamorphosis' and made us put our dancing shoes and go straight to the dancefloor. We had a very interesting conversation with her and we are pretty sure that you will love her strong, and full of emotions, personality.

Hi Tenaj. How have you been?
I'm great thanks and you? 

Tell us your story so far. When did you start thinking of a career in music? 
I started very early. My uncle was a professional photographer and he started to take pictures of me since I'm 6 months old. From modelling to dancing and in my early teenage years I started to focus on singing.

You recently released your new single ‘Be As I Am Metamorphosis’. What is the story behind this song? How was the recording and writing process?
It was a moment in my life where everyone around me tries to tell me what I can and cannot do or be. I fell in love with the title Be As I Am. The recording and writing process was great very smooth and fun.

Producer Austin Leeds who has worked with Avicii, Tiesto is behind the slick production of the track. Talk to us about this collaboration. 
He’s an amazing producer. I let him do his thing and he always comes up with some hot music.

‘Be As I Am Metamorphosis’ is a new version of the same track that you released almost a year ago! What are the differences and your need to re-release the track? 
I just wanted a different version. I love remixes and I always create an original version and different remixes. The difference is that the original is more of future house track and the remix has more of a bass house touch.

What do you find inspiring when you are writing your songs? 
Anything can inspire me. I can get inspired by watching Tv or walking down the street. I would say my life and any moments can inspire me.

We are in love with your video! It is very uplifting! What’s the concept and do you have some funny behind-the-scenes stories to share with us? 
Thank you I'm happy to hear that. The concept was to create a video behind the scenes. Me travelling. I was shooting in Milano and Switzerland. I thought it was really funny to see my dog inside my suitcase, therefore I had to incorporate it.

Who are your favourite artists? How do you incorporate their work in your sound? 
I listen to all kind of music. I really like Madonna, Halsey, Nervo, Don Diablo, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and many others. When you listen to all your favourite artists, it naturally becomes part of you. The inspiration shows at a later point in one of my songs without consciously trying to do so.

Any plans for a tour or a new single? 
Yes, definitely planning on it. The dates will be announced soon and yes more songs/ videos will be coming soon. I'm planning on releasing every 2 month a song/video.

Do you have a special message for your fans? 
Dreams come true. Never give up.

Tenaj thank you very much for the interview.  
Thank you guys for having me.

09/10/2019 02:06 PM
Louise Golbey 'Different'

Louise Golbey recently released her new soulful track 'Different' in a slick production by Dan Dare (Giggs, Wiley, Charli XCX, Marina and The Diamonds). 

Louise is an established artist on the live music scene of London and beyond. She has played at Glastonbury (BBC Introducing), Isle of Wight Festival, The Big Feastival, Cornbury and CarFest, recorded at Maida Vale for the BBC and supported and shared the stage with many established artists including Ed Sheeran (who is also in one of her music videos), Katy B, Paloma Faith, George Benson (Kenwood House), Roberta Flack, En Vogue (The Indigo2). Roy Ayers,  Omar and Heatwave at The Jazz Cafe and most recently Eric Benet at The Hideaway in London.

She has worked on tracks with Example and Newham Generals (signed to Dizzie Rascal’s Dirtee Stank label) and recently wrote and sang the theme tune for a brand new comedy series on Amazon Prime Video.

She has released several EP’s, singles and an album and has been getting a lot of support from DJs on BBC 1 Xtra, 6 Music, Jazz FM, Mi Soul, Radio 2 and radio stations across Europe.  Louise was also November’s Caffe Nero Artist of The Month. Her 2015 abum Novel features a track with UK Soul Legend Omar and Mo Pleasure (musician who is worked with Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire and Ray Charles).

Last Saturday, Louise performed at The o2 arena for the Electric Soul Festival hosted by Trevor Nelson and with performances by Kool and The Gang, Brand New Heavies, Level 42, Heather Small and more.

Get ready to be Different.

09/10/2019 01:52 PM
Matterz Interview: Julia Kahn

Julia Kahn is a promising new artist from Indianapolis described as Lana Del Rey meets Dua Lipa. Her debut single 'Fly Away' has already teased our senses and we sat and talked with this lovely girl  who has some amazing news to share with you.

1. Hi Julia how have you been?  

Hi, thanks for having me! I’ve been great.

2. You come from Indianapolis. Tell us your story so far 

I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana! I’ve been singing and writing since I was really young, and grew up singing blues and soul music. I went to LA and recorded some of this style when I was young and then sang in a blues band for a few years throughout school. But after all that, I really started to gravitate towards writing and producing my own music and finding my true sound now, which is a blend of some soulful indie-pop and lo-fi electronic music, which I love. This past year I moved to Nashville, and have been working on writing and recording an upcoming project that I’m really excited about. 

3. You recently released your debut single. Why do you want to fly away?

This song was written more retrospectively. It was inspired by this big moment of clarity that I had that really shifted everything for me. It was the realization that everything I had been through, all of the pain or people who tried to limit me or hold me back, is really what led me to find myself and my truth, and led me to become who I needed to become. So this song was symbolic of me just flying away from all of those painful spaces and times, and flying to new dimensions with a new truer version of myself. 

Listen Here

4. On this track you collaborated with Bryan Todd, how was the recording and writing process?

It was so awesome being able to Work with Bryan. This song was one of those special songs that seemed to write itself and just kinda flowed right out of me when I sat down in front of my window to write it and came together super quick, like 15-20 minutes. I did the lyrics + music + a lot of the production for this song, and it’s full of just my raw emotion, transformation and so many lessons learned. When I wrote this, something kind of special happened..the most beautiful synchronicity happened with a black & blue butterfly flying straight up to my window in the middle of a horrible storm outside, right after I wrote these lyrics. So It was a magical little universe moment that actually brought me to tears a little bit when I wrote it. So that was really special to me, and the recording process with Bryan was just so special and it flowed and came together so easily in there. It was super fun working on it with Bryan and learning from him and having him bringing it to life even more in so many awesome ways in the studio. 

5. What do you find inspiring when you are writing your songs? 

I find myself most inspired and coming up with ideas while I’m outside surrounded by nature, or while I’m driving in the car on the road a lot. Journeying to new places and seeing the world and connecting to it and other souls have always been so inspiring to me. Any powerful experiences I have, either with others or on my own, always inspire me the most when I’m writing my music as well.

6. You are at the beginning of an amazing career. Recently the well-acclaimed director Samuel Womer filmed the incredible music video of fly away. Share with us your experience and some funny behind the scenes stories.

It was such an awesome experience working with Sam and his team!! They really embraced my concepts and ideas for the video and really brought them to life in such a powerful and creative way. They helped create this little world inside of this abandoned building for the shoot, and even though it was pretty freezing, everyone was so positive and worked so hard. It was really cool to work through telling this story in a very symbolic and abstract kind of way. I feel like one of the funnier moments was when I was trying to drive that awesome old car, and was trying to look cool you know, but had trouble driving it smoothly and Sam was on the back on a skateboard-like Back to the Future-style trying to get shots but I kept jerking the car around. And one of the shots, I’m looking really seriously into the distance while sitting on this chair, but really I was staring at this graffiti of a weed leaf on the wall across from me while I was singing this serious line so that was pretty funny too.

7. You are described as the new Lana del Rey and dua lipa. How are you feeling about it?

Well, I feel incredibly honoured to be put in any kind of category with those amazing artists. I always feel though that every artist is their own unique light and has their own individual messages and visions they want to share with the world, which is what is so special about all of these amazing artists out right now. I feel lucky to just be out here creating music and being inspired by so many amazing female artists like them.

8. Who are your favourite artists and bands? How do you incorporate their work in your sound? 

I’ve always felt I had such an eclectic group of artists who have really influenced my writing heavily — across SO many different genres. People find it odd sometimes that I have so many different musical influences, but they all have impacted me in different ways and played a part. From my roots in soul music with Marvin Gaye, MJ, and Stevie Wonder, who definitely influence the soulfulness and overall spirit in my voice. To other legends like Stevie Nicks, Janis, Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill who has influenced me more aesthetically and with their incredible writing styles. I’ve also been influenced and inspired by recent artists like Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, and Lana del Rey for sure who have definitely influenced how I write and kind of that urban side that’s laced through my sound.

9. What’s next? Any plans for a tour or an EP release? 

I am planning to release an EP release towards the end of this year or beginning of next year, and am looking to hit some festival stages in the coming year :)

10. Do you have a special message for your fans? 

Just thank you so much to anyone who has taken the time to listen, watch the video, and connects with this song. It truly is such a raw and honest piece of my heart, so seeing you all listen and resonate with it really powerful and means the world. So THANK YOU :)

11. Thank you so much for the interview.

Thank you so much for having me!

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07/12/2019 02:44 PM
Dubz feat Giggs & Dekar ‘Plane Ticket
Plane Ticket is the long awaited party anthem from one of the most talented pioneers in rap, Dubz. The instantly addictive hook (produced by Machine Baby) features rising star Dekar and global phenomenon Giggs. The release features a video by Jordz Visuals who has worked with some of the best known artists in the urban scene. Dubz saysthis track is one of many from Giggs and I, but it’s the first of its kind... we have never made a party song but when I heard the beat I knew it was the one.”

Dubz launched his solo project Ard Doe in 2009, winning him instant recognition with key brands such as SB:TV, Link Up TV, GRM Daily,  MTV, 1xtra, Capital Xtra and Kiss. In 2017, he took to the stage with Giggs, performing on the Landlord European Tour and at Reading and Leeds Festival, where the two tore rooves down with their crowd killing track Pain is the Essence. Dubz has collaborated with grime royalty including Skepta and Krept & Konan, but has more recently been working on his second solo body of work Proper, due for release later this year. The project featuring Young Teflon, Ghetts, Wretch 32, Giggs and Fekky to name but a few.

Keep checking Dubz’s insta for news on forthcoming releases and tour dates.

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09/05/2019 02:14 PM
Tenaj releases 'Be As I Am Metamorphosis'
Listen to Be As I Am Metamorphosis Here

‘Be As I am Metamorphosis’ is the new club banger with the killer topline by the award-winning dance artist Tenaj. The track is ready to make you dance joining to a non-stop summer party. Tenaj says Be as I am is all about finding your inner self and be authentic to you and the other people. Even if you don’t like me, I need to be as I am. The song is full of positivity.’’
The new single is a collaboration between Tenaj and Myha Marie, a very talented songwriter who was the main vocalist and songwriter for Britney Spears. The well-known producer Austin Leeds, who has collaborated with Avicii, Tiesto and many other DJs is behind the slick production of the new track. 
At a very young age, Tenaj won various beauty pageants and was dancing at high profile events. When she grew up, she decided to take her career further moving to Los Angeles and studying music at the prestigious LA Music Academy.  She has won multiple Hollywood Music Awards for the Best Emerging Artist and Best EDM Song. She was 8 weeks in the number 1 on the Club Radio Charts in the USA and had a great success at the ITunes top 100, Swiss dance Charts, Radio AirPlay Now, Examinar, Record World Chart and Edge Music
Tenaj is currently working in a new single release with Vessbroz and planning a massive club tour. Keep checking her socials for the latest updates.

06/28/2019 10:51 AM
Matterz Interview: Vina Rose

Italians do it better! We had an amazing conversation with this lovely singer/songwriter Vina Rose. Her debut single 'Breathe Again' is your summer anthem and the new acoustic version of this track is ready to tease your senses. Get ready for a very interesting interview!

1)    Hi Vina. How have you been?

 Hi, I am quite good thanks, I've been working hard and enjoying the journey at the same time.

 2)    I assume that you are super busy with the promo campaign of your recent single ‘Breathe Again’. Could you describe a typical day of you?

 I am very busy indeed. In a typical day after a quick breakfast, I start with some admin (checking emails, answering to phone calls, contacting people) and I listen to some music, or work on new ideas, do some research and plan my meetings followed by some stretching and then I go for my workout in the afternoon, and when I am not out for photo shootings or gigs, I come back home, having a nice dinner and finishing the day watching a movie or documentary on Netflix :)

4)    You come from Italy and have collaborated with well-established artists and significant TV shows in your country. What’s the challenges of an international career and how do you deal with them?

        When I moved to London the main challenge was that I needed to start from scratch again, and some people back in Italy didn't understand my choice of leaving the country where I had already established myself to move onto a place where no one ever heard about me. Eventually, I learned how to deal with that and I pushed myself to get through that uncomfortable zone, becoming more focused on building my name as an artist.

       The language barrier then was another challenge, especially for some Italian people that are not very fluent with the English language, and they asked me quite a few times to translate posts on social media for them not to feel excluded from me (although that didn’t happen too often luckily :)) that reminded me to take care of my existing fan base in Italy as well as new followers that hopefully will come during the journey.
       Those big professional experiences taught me a lot, but at the same time, they were limiting my own creativity  in a way on a personal level, that's why I felt like I needed to make a change and find the voice to express myself even more, and that's why I moved over here.

 Listen to the original mix on Spotify | Lyric Video

5)    You recently released your new single ‘Breathe Again’. What is the story behind the song? How was the recording process?

Breathe Again is a song of resilience describing the need to overcome fears and insecurities and to transform those into the inner strength and self-confidence. Basically, when I wrote the song, I wasn’t in a satisfactory phase in my life, I was feeling stuck and frustrated, and I eventually found the strength and determination to move onto better days, and to be able to "Breathe Again ".

The recording process was spread over a few months, cause I recorded the vocals in two different studios at separate times, due to the fact that we changed  the arrangement, so I needed to feel more secure that I can communicate the lyrics with the audience, but all the process was extremely exciting and I was very glad of the outcome.

6)    What do you find inspiring when you are writing your songs?

I usually find inspiration from everyday life views, situations, feelings eg family dynamics, betrayal, challenging circumstances, defiance, etc. Most of the time I start from a personal experience that happened to me or to my immediate circle of loved ones.

7)    I am amazed at your new music video.  Could you talk for the filming process and share with us some behind-the-scenes funny stories?

The music video was the result of months of preparation where I worked with a team of creative people to transform my vision into reality. The actual filming process took me around 4,5 hours, which if you think about, it is quite impressive, considering all the prep, clothing changes, and singing and dancing performance involved.

For that day I bought so much food for everybody and in the end I asked the camera crew and dancers to take it home (I remembered they said: "oh wow we can see you're Italian, we never saw so much food on set" :)).

8)    A few days ago, Band Vault TV posted an acoustic version of ‘Breathe Again’. I loved it. Simple and uplifting at the same time. How did you feel when you were rehearsing and then when you were performing the new version of the song?

Thank you, I appreciate you like it. About the acoustic version, I felt great when I was rehearsing it, also because when I wrote “Breathe Again”, I had a different vibe and a slower tempo than the actual one, and also I’ve had already the opportunity to perform it live in acoustic on a couple of gigs, so that was quite a natural process to me.

9)    Who are your favourite artists? How do you incorporate their work in your sound and performance?

Michael Jackson, Sia, Dido, Joni Mitchell, Adele, Lianne La Havas, Incognito, Lauryn Hill, Emeli Sande, but the list could go on and on….

I love to work with interesting and unpredictable melodies, sparse instrumentations and ambient sounds and pulsating hypnotic rhythms with a modern sound, but most of all for me is really important to write deep, emotive, meaningful and powerful lyrics, and to create a sort of cinematic experience, that is what defines a great song and what makes a connection with the audience. Most of my favourite artists I mentioned above inspired me with their strong and explosive personality, and I would like to associate myself to that kind of artistry because it is similar to my own personality.

10)Any plans to go on tour in the UK this year? What about an album release?

I'm thinking to go on tour at some point anytime soon, cause I really love to perform live, but right now I'm starting to work on my next release, which is most likely going to be an EP.

11)Do you have a special message for your fans?

Don’t try to please everybody, smile often, be kind, love at your fullest and be your own original.

12)Vina thank you very much for the interview.

Thank you very much for having me, it was a pleasure talking to you.

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09/05/2019 02:13 PM
T Love ft Lilo 'Married To The Beat'

Married To The Beat  is the new single from  the French dance producer T Love.  The track is a club-banger with a slick production and a feel-good vibe. T Love says “I used  to listen to a lot of funky disco and afrobeat  music and all the time I had in mind, a funky bass sound and an afro melody. So, I decided to go to  the Studio and I dropped the bass and melody with a friend musician. Then, singer/ songwriter Lilo came to the studio, heard the demo, got in the vibe and started singing on it. Kaspy a guitar player came and delivered the riff and "Married to the Beat” is officially out". 

‘Married To The Beat’ has already taken the world by storm and smashed the club charts. It peaked #8 in the Pop Commercial Music Week Charts and #3 on the Urban Charts. After 7 weeks on the Urban Charts, the track is still at the #15. 

T Love started his career as a DJ in Paris playing funky music in the club New Wave where he honed his talent for producing infectious hooks. For him, they all start when he came to Belgium with the strong tradition to the EDM music. The rest is history. Tours and residencies at well-known clubs in Antwerp (Belgium), Ibiza (France), Miami (USA), Aruba (Dutch Carribean), Italy & Hungary and collaborations with well-acclaimed DJ’s including Ron Carroll, Tom De Neef, Gee Moor Bora bora Ibiza, Dj Roog Marko, Dava di Toma, Nikos Akrivos.  

T Love came to stay and he is planning to play on various clubs this summer.  Stay tuned on his social media for the latest updates and get ready to feel the vibe. 

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06/08/2019 08:00 AM
L-ove G-rows B-eyond T-raits: Axel Jansson's message for the Pride!

Axel Jansson, described as Bruce Springsteen meets War on Drugs recently revealed the visuals for his new single Wanna Know You and has a special message to all the LGBT fansLove Grows Beyond Traits, it is not normal for a heart to hate.  No-one is banned from our band! - Axel

 Wanna Know You is the follow up single to Everything I Crave, which featured paralympian Cassie Cava (as featured in The Independent and Guardian). Earlier in 2018,  Hopeless Ever After, another single taken from the forthcoming album ‘Weight Of The World’ (due for release Sept 2019) was playlisted across 65 radio stations across the UK and secured Axel a prominent spot on the Foodies Festival 2018 Tour with performances across the country.  Axel’s debut single, Shine was featured  in The Metro, The Mirror, The Sun and the Huffington Post.

Axel’s first gig with a band was supporting Turin Breaks, to such positive feedback that they were asked to play the Indie Week Europe Festival and global music event MIDEM. Axel then took to the road with The Coffee House Sessions which performed to 24 university coffee lounges over a two week period. He has performed at Busk the Box, London Live andI Luv Live has been invited back on the 2019 Foodie Festival Tour. For a list of dates, please check updates on his website.

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05/31/2019 02:04 PM
Vina Rose releases her new music video for 'Breathe Again'

Breathe Again is the uplifting and instantly catchy new pop single by London living Sicilian singer/songwriter Vina Rose, whose sound is described as Sia meets Kaytranada.  Vina says “I wanted to make a summer classic to see dance and pop fans through the coming months so I wrote dreamy vocals over an uplifting EDM backdrop. It's a song about a spiritual and emotional rebirth, the desire to turn fears and indecisions into confidence and action. It was amazing working with Gavin Holligan from Hollerzz Productions and  Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios - the production sounds so clean & crisp! I can’t wait for my fans to hear the finished result!”

Vina Rose has performed alongside the likes of Andrea Bocelli, Alexia and Giorgia, performing across numerous festival and TV show appearances on the BBC and ITV. Vina has dazzled audiences at across gigs, theatre performances and TV shows and has worked with radio stations to produce original theme tunes so even though you might not know it - you have already heard her voice!
In 2017, Vina moved to London and has since worked in the best studios in the industry, such as Abbey Road. She now performs regularly at exclusive clubs and venues across the city. Breathe Again is the first of many releases planned in 2019 and Vina is currently arranging a tour across Europe and America for later this year. Keep checking her website for more details.

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05/09/2019 08:37 AM
Matterz Interview: Rae Stewart

1)                  Hi Rae. How have you been? 
 Am all good you know. 

2)          What’s the first thing you are doing to start the day? 
Well clean my skin obviously, nar play some music get a good brekki down. :)

3)          Was music love at first sight? Did you have the dream as a child to work as an artist?
Music runs in my family were all somewhat connected whether it producing playing instruments rapping etc. I've been singing since I was 123 a young child for sure its always been a part of me so only right I do what am suppose to.  

4)           What’s the story behind your latest single ‘Making Love’? 
I just was freestyling to the beat and it just naturally came like we'll be making loveee till the sun comes upppp then I sat down and just took inspiration from my past relationships. 

5)           On this track you are collaborating with the producer Triple B. How was the recording process?
Whenever am with triple its magic we get on like a house on fire haha no he's an amazing person so when we record its just a kicking it session pure fun and jokes But we work hard at the same time.

6)           What do you find inspiring when you are writing your songs?
All aspects of life. 

7)           Your latest music video is directed by you and your manager J.Gray. It is another creative aspect that we did not know. Could you talk more about the filming process and be great to share with us some behind-the-scenes funny stories.
well am quite annoying at times I guess working with male actors drives me up to the wall just because am still getting used to doing lovey-dovey scenes but after a couple of hours am alright but getting to them hours is probably frustrating for other people but ya know by the end of shoot everything good. I don't really have funny stories. I am way to focused on not messing up maybe other on the shoot do lol.

8)            Who are your favourite artists? How do you incorporate their work in your sound and performance? 
I love jhene aiko teedra moses prince the list is endless but I don't really have a favourite artist if I connect with the music then I connect I don't sit there and say am gonna do this like they did I just do me.

9)           Any plans to go on tour? What about a new single or an album release?

No tour dates as yet but am just gonna keep hitting the studio and pushing out more music. 

10)         Do you have a special message for your fans?
The supports been overwhelming thank you don't sleep on me more music to come.

11)         Rae thank you very much for the interview.
It's been a pleasure.

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09/10/2019 01:46 PM
Julia Khan releases “Fly Away”

 Fly Away is the debut single from Julia Kahn, the singer/songwriter from Indianapolis, described as Lana Del Rey meets Dua Lipa. 
Julia says, “I can’t wait to release Fly Away! Working with Bryan Todd, a Grammy-nominated producer was a brilliant experience - I’m so happy with the final result. And the video director Samuel Womer has worked with amazing people so I feel really lucky that he wanted to work with me on my first video.”
At a very young age, Julia discovered her musical talents by singing along with old soul and blues records. Driven by her passion, Julia began performing at the age of 14. She has developed a unique artistic vision since teaming with Grammy Nominated Producer Bryan Todd.. Now with a blend of retro, soulful, and lyrical vocal stylings over captivating beats-inviting the listener to feel, reflect, and connect on an intimate level.”
Matterz Thoughts: A voice to rival Lana Del Rey on a mesmerising pop track with sophisticated production - Fly Away is a high-quality release that we expect to hear across UK radio soon.

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05/02/2019 06:34 PM
Matthew R. Daniel - 'Sorry to Disappoint You' Featuring Roszunn out in a few days!

As well as Promotions Executive (recently) for Space Promotions, I make music, please check out my new single "Sorry to Disappoint You" Featuring Roszunn. I produced the track at a professional recording studio in West London, U.K and Roszunn recorded his part over in the U.S. Please see art work by my U.K Graphic Designer - Roger Williams, highly recommended.

Here are some links: 

Official Website: https://mrdmusic.net/ 

Please take a listen and show support! Available via CDBaby.com 1st May 2019 on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon and others!!!

05/04/2019 01:34 PM
Miracle Thomas - 'Expect A Miracle II'
[Photo Credit: Tamala Tisdale]

With high vocal tones like Chante' Moore and deep vocal tones like Toni Braxton, throwing in a little sexiness from Janet Jackson and a timeless soul sound from Deniece Williams, we have Miracle Thomas. Her source of musical inspiration comes from powerhouse legends Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, The Emotions, to Dolly Parton, Babyface, BeBe and CeCe Winans to opera singers Denyce Graces and Kiri Te Kanwa and the late Whitney Houston to name but a few!

Miracle is a vocalist, songwriter and producer. Her journey began at the age of three when she began singing with "The Gems of Truth Gospel Choir" in her Lynchburg, Virginia, hometown. In her early teens she re-located to Washington, District of Columbia and began to write songs and perform in talent shows. She's written over 800 songs that include a wide variety of genres from Rhythm and Blues, Pop, Country and Alternative, etc and as she says "No, you cannot put me in a box!".

Skipping a few years ahead, February 9th 2018, Thomas released a Single "You Say You Apologise" to create buzz and soon after the DJ's wanted more songs. "Expect A Miracle" was released on June 1st, 2018, Miracle Thomas' debut E.P showcasing her vocal range and writing abilities, while the single was getting a warm welcome overseas. Things we're looking bright! 

On June 17th, 2018, Miracle's single "You Take My Breath Away" was #1 on the Amazon UK Sales and her debut EP - "Expect A Miracle" was #1 on the UK Soul Chart. On June 25th, 2018, #1 on the UK Soul Chart with her E.P, and also a #1 R&B Chart Hit. Miracle Thomas is highly regarded with deejay's overseas. With all this success, Miracle Thomas won the Ground Breakin' People's Choice Award in the UK for Best Soul E.P, March, 7th 2019! She was nominated in 3 categories: Best Soul E.P, Best Newcomer and Best Soul Female Artist. 

"Expect A Miracle II" was #1 on the UK Soul Chart just recently, and Miracle Thomas independently recently released her sophomore E.P on April 21st, 2019. 

Please take a moment to listen and purchase Miracle Thomas - Expect A Miracle II - E.P on this link: https://miraclethomas.hearnow.com/

Watch this space...Miracle Thomas is here!

04/30/2019 03:47 AM
Zhavia Ward - 'Die Young (Roddy Rich Cover)'

Recently, Zhavia Ward posted "Die Young (Roddy Rich Cover)" on her YouTube Channel on April 12th, 2019, re-produced by Cody Tarpley. At 2: 04 the trap inspired beat weighs down into a deep groove where you can really feel Zhavia's voice. Singing "Why the legends always gotta die quick", quite appropriately. When the extremely young Zhavia turned up on our TV screens in 2018 (YouTube for the rest of the World) little did we know that she would soon become a super star, inking a deal with Columbia Records and releasing three popular singles "Candlelight", "100 Ways", and "Deep Down" all scoring millions of views on YouTube and millions of streams on Spotify. The success somewhat almost feels over night. Even though Zhavia Ward didn't win The Four: Battle for Stardom, which premiered on Fox on January 4th, 2018, she came third but this didn't stop her from winning a deal with a major label.

After getting her big break from appearing on The Four: Battle for Stardom, her music is addictive, a great fusion of trap, hip hop, R&B and of course pop with beautifully deep vocals scarily similar to Amy Winehouse and original and unique compelling lyrics. Ward is a very young, fresh, smart, storyteller and is certainly one to hear and you could even go as far saying that she is one step ahead of her game. 

Zhavia Ward can also be heard on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Deadpool 2 with her featured song "Welcome to the Party". It features Lil' Pump, French Montana, and Diplo. 

Watch her space!

04/12/2019 03:33 PM
Eurovision superstar Jamala releases ‘Solo’.

 Solo is the new pop anthem by world famous and award winning vocalist Jamala, featuring a remix package that is already smashing the club charts. Jamala says “I’m so excited about releasing Solo, I’ve had such a great response about it from DJs! And it was such a fun experience working with Bryan Todd, we make a great team.” 
Jamala is a Ukrainian recording artist, songwriter and actress who has been topping the Ukrainian charts for the past decade. She prestigiously performed at the UEFA EURO 2012 football championships to 150 countries, creating an international buzz for her performance of Goal.  In 2014 her cinematic debut The Guide received critical success, winning a #1 movie at the box office. In 2016, Jamala had another milestone in her career when she won Eurovision for the song 1944, the video of which has had almost 5 million views.
Jamala has had 6 albums & 18 internationally successful singles. She is a judge on The Voice in the Ukraine where she enjoys coaching younger artists and helping them to develop. She has had hundreds of millions of YouTube & Spotify streams and performs to stadium audiences around the world. Her new single Solo looks set to break Jamala in the UK, where it is already #7 in the Music Week charts.

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