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01/20/2018 06:27 AM
Interview with Cianna Blaze

We had a chance earlier to sit and talk with lovely Cianna Blaze about her new single "Booty Like Nicki". The single was released back in December. 
Now she has just released the music video that is getting a lot of attention.

Hi Cianna, How have you been?

I have been great, thanks, very busy with the new single!

What steps are you taking to achieve your goals of getting a “Booty Like Nicki”?

I've been in the gym 2/3 times a week training and eating well!

If you had the chance to collaborate with Nicki, what type of content would you like to create?

it would be fire, she has amazing flow and delivery and my style is quite alternative so I think it would be something totally new!

From your new EP Get Mine - what was the most enjoyable track that you worked on?

I really enjoyed working on all of the tracks but if I had to choose I'd say trigger was my fav.

Was there a particular moment in your life that pushed you to start rapping?

I was one of the only females in my group of friends growing up and all the boys were rappers so I just gave it a go and ended up loving it!

What lyric or line have you written that you’re most proud of?

that's a difficult one, too many lyrics to choose from haha!

What inspires your hard-edge style?

bands such as Rage against the machine and Andre 3000 really give me a lot of inspiration.

How can you explain your music style to someone who is unfamiliar with the genre?

its rage against the machine meets Andre 3000 haha!

What general message are you trying to send through your audience with your music? Do you think your audience understands the message you’re putting forth?

I'm just having fun to be honest, I enjoy creating music, music makes people feel good and I want people to smile and feel good when listening to my tunes.

How did it make you feel when you first found out that someone has dedicated a fan account to you?

it's awesome! I love my supporters so it was great to see that!

Where do you think you fit in the England music scene? Do you think you’re attracted to a specific area of England’s music scene?

I don't think I fit in, I think my music stands out!  I don't really think there is anyone in the UK doing the sound and style that I'm bringing.

Do you have a venue that would be a dream for you to perform in? 

I'd say Wembley Stadium,  filling that would be a madness!

What goals are you trying to achieve with your career in this new year?

I just want to keep creating music for people! get more people to hear about me and start touring!!

Where can we find more about your new project?

You can check out my new videos on my youtube which is youtube.com/ciannablaze
You can also keep up with what is happening on my website www.ciannablaze.com and following on socials @ciannablaze

01/19/2018 01:42 PM
Danielle Bellas “Starship" - Video Release

South-East London born R&B singer Danielle Bellas is a soulful, eclectic artist with a passion for Motown-tinged R&B/pop.  Starship is the first offering from an exciting debut album, co-written and produced by UK-based production duo Jud Mahoney and Natalie DeLucia, who have worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Brandy and Britney Spears. The slick pop production, featuring hook-laden choruses and smooth lead vocals, is influenced by the late 90’s R&B greats such as Janet Jackson, Aaliyah and Ashanti. The single also boasts a glossy music video and a remix from famous Asian music producer, Rishi Rich (Jay Sean, Juggy D). 

We wrote the track in the studio in Glasgow, inspired by what happens in a lot of long-term relationships, when they get a bit stale and the magic has been lost. But I didn't want to write a break up song, I wanted it to be more hopeful and about not giving up and reclaiming the spark. I guess I'm an old romantic like that!” Danielle Bellas

Although this is her first official release, Danielle Bellas has been filling notepads full of lyrics from a young age and recorded her first single at 16. She joined UK girl group Urban Lady whilst studying for her degree, but is now a solo artist, working on perfecting her sound. Danielle now lives in Sydney and her sound and videos bring a sense of much needed Australian sunshine to the gloomy UK winter.

Danielle Bellas will be releasing three singles over the next few months and will be traveling to the UK and US for live shows around the release of her album later this year. Starship is an impressive introduction to a talented artist who is looking to make a serious impact in the music industry over the coming years.  

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01/17/2018 01:00 PM
Jaystar “Flexin With My Girl" - Single Release

Check out the music video HERE

Flexin with my Girl is the eagerly awaited slick new single by AKA/BBC/Link Up/GRM Daily supported global star Jaystar. Listeners get a real sense of the vibe Jaystar was feeling when he wrote the track. He says “The inspiration of the track came from being with my girl and wanting to show her off and shower her with expensive gifts because of the love I have for her. It was really crazy the way it happened, I hadn’t written the song when I went in to the studio so I had to picture myself somewhere on the mountains, drinking expensive champagne (even though I don’t drink) and that’s where the uplifting vibe came from”.

At the tender age of 7, Jaystar started learning the piano, taught by his musical mother. It soon became clear he had natural talent, and it wasn’t long before he was creating his own melodies. He started to hone his production skills, and was soon recording his own vocals. Jaystar was awarded a prize at the age of 15 for a song he wrote and produced called Need You Backand from then, his career path was set. Now Jaystar, still a young artist, has a buzz in France and Africa, has supported worldwide superstars such as T Pain and headlined large-scale events across Africa to tens of thousands of fans.

Jaystar’s release “Signs of Making Love” was in the top 5 most popular videos on Channel AKA for 5 weeks, came 2nd  in the top 50 selected songs of the year on the same channel and received a numerous plays across Capital Xtra. Never Leave Me was supported by Channel AKA, Flava, Trace and TV channels across Africa, making it the most requested song of the year over the continent. His recent project released early 2017, self-titled EP called “5th Lane” has taken the underground scene by storm, putting Jaystar firmly back on the map. 2018 looks set to be his best year yet.

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12/06/2017 06:06 PM
Cianna Blaze: "Booty Like Nicki" - Ekko & Sidetrack Remix

Have a Listen to the premiere of "Booty Like Nicki" remixed by Ekko & Sidetrack  on BBC Radio 1's Drum & Bass Show with Rene LaVice.

“Booty Like Nicki” is the long-awaited single from British rapper Cianna Blaze, taken from her debut EP “Get Mine” due for release 16th Feb 2018. 
Her sound is described as “Rage Against the Machine meets Andre 3000”…fierce but with a dance floor killing vibe. It’s everything you would expect from a fresh and feisty female…quick wit and sleek rap skills on slick beats. 
“The sound I’m bringing is difficult to pigeon hole as it has influences from different styles of music merged into one,” explains Cianna. “I never want to copy others, so I do my own thing and just go with whatever feels right.”

Cianna first drew attention from fans whilst performing as a hype MC at grime and drum and bass raves and festivals. Through this she performed with Maxim (The Prodigy), which led to the two working together in the studio. Cianna’s last release “On Fire”, which included a club-banging remix by Mob Tactics and a glossy music video which received more than 10k views. The single gained support from trendsetting blogs such as Your EDM, LSD Magazine & Magnetic Mag.

MC Cianna Blaze is no music newbie. She has been building a loyal fanbase through her hard-edged vocals and unique style. Cianna is strong-minded person who thrives on female empowerment and incorporates a sense of strength and dominance in her music. From hitting the mic at festivals and drawing on the raw energy of the crowds to delivering distinctive guest vocals, Cianna has gained industry wide respect. Her releases include ‘808’ feat Audra Nishita, Phase Me’ feat D Dark and ‘Baddest Breed’, recorded with Maxim from Prodigy on the Label Death Drum Rebel and work with Christian Hoffmann’s Toronto is Broken, all of which have kept her at the forefront of the scene.

12/06/2017 06:07 PM
Predz UK: "Kata Dance"

Predz UK has just released his new single "Kata Dance". Following the success of "Nice N Curvy" and "Protect Me", the multi-talented artist, DJ, songwriter is back with this unique yet current single.

Listen to "Kata Dance" Here

Kata Dance is the long-awaited single from Predz, the hardest working independent artist in music today.  “This track is so important to me. I created it to represent and share my Congolese heritage with the world in a way anyone can appreciate and vibe to” Predz UKThe track is produced by Yung Reggie, mixed and mastered by Limitlus Entertainment.
Predz UK’s tracks have been played on radio stations such at The Beat London, Westside Radio, Pulse, Rinse, Kiss Fresh and BBC 1xtra. The MOBO’s tipped him as a “one to watch” and his songs have accumulated over 100,000 streams and hundreds of thousands of YouTube views. This year, his EP launch event sold out, proving Predz fans are excited to hear his new music!

Kevin Muyulu aka Predz is a multi-talented musician who fell in love with music whilst drumming in a church band as a young boy. He started writing and performing his own lyrics, later becoming part of the popular Secret Service Crew, eventually going solo and selling his own mix tapes. He independently sold over 20,000 copies across the UK. To this day, most of his music has been recorded and mastered in-house by his close friend Mr Mennie and his team ‘Limitlus’.
Predz has performed alongside some of the biggest names in the British urban music scene and graced some of the biggest stages in the UK. He has fans in Germany, France and Belgium and has performed in venues across Europe. Predz UK is well known for his catchy slogan “R U KRAYZEE!?” of which the sound bite is often used by well-known DJ’s.

11/27/2017 03:10 PM
Stunnah Gee 'International Girl' Acoustic Video
Stunnah Gee debuted  last week on Band Vault TV with a brand new acoustic version of his latest single 'International Girl', showcasing once again his amazing vocals. 

“Proper afrobeat banger!!! Great new tune from Stunnah Gee! Definitely worth checking out, you won’t be disappointed.” Matterz Mag
The long-awaited club banger from AfroBeats all-star Stunnah Gee entitled International Girl is now available! The track has the slick production style and distinctive vocals fans have come to know and love from Stunnah Gee. International Girl features a glossy, fun music video aimed at empowered women of all cultures. Produced by the talented and prolific producer P2j, the song centres around Stunnah’s description of a special lady in his life; being a goddess in his view, with her best features originating from cultures around the globe. “I’m inspired by women in general, but I wanted to appreciate ladies from all around the world. What is different from anything I’ve done before is that this song has a very international-pop feel. It’s a different sound, it’s a different style. I can’t wait for my fans to hear it!” Stunnah Gee

Despite the success of his previous hit single Dengeme (Remix) featuring BET award nominee & Sony signed afrobeat legend Davido, Stunnah Gee’s follow up single International Girl looks set to eclipse Dengeme’s impact and establish Stunnah Gee as an global star. International Girl adopts an internationally accessible direction, blending AfroBeats, pop, moombahton with a touch of reggae. Stunnah Gee is best known by the music he released over the last 3 years which criss-crosses the African continent and cuts through the music genre that is now known as AfroBeats.

11/13/2017 04:47 PM
K*Ners: Depths of The World

K-star founder/artist K*ners returns to the forefront with a new single "Depths Of The World" featuring Incredubwoy and Self Taught Beats on the production duties. When asked what the song is about, K*ners reply is simple, "It's aimed at rappers searching and fronting in music for fame".

The music video has been getting a lot of love and attention on GRM Daily plus spins from Charlie Sloth on (BBC Radio 1/1xtra). K*ners recently performed his new single for BBC Introducing West at their recent sold out Malmsbury Live Arts event to a standing ovation. Looks like K*ners is just getting warmed up, who knows what he got planned for 2018? Keep watching, keep it K-Star!!!

11/06/2017 12:56 PM
Nathalie Sade - Murda

Nathalie Sade’s newly released single ‘Murda’ is taking the world by storm, with the support of radios such as 1xtra, Capital Xtra, Radar Radio and much more. The song has been described as a fun dancehall tune, with a unique vibe to it. Equipped with a ‘huge bass sound’ the track is doing some serious damage on dance floors and keeps receiving great reactions from all kind of crowds as DJs keep dropping the tune into their sets. The song has also seen support from Spotify playlists such as Popjustice and Eternity Network and is going to be featured on the Media Pro Music YouTube page, which has a subscription of over 1.9M people.

Only 23 years old, half French half Zambian, Nathalie has already achieved a lot at these early stages of her career, with a social media following that is steadily growing every day to show how her fanbase keeps getting larger and larger. Followed by the likes of Wizkid, Krept and Konan, Damon Wayansand many others, the singer has turned her online notoriety into a career, by becoming the face of Vodaphone South Africa, as well as being featured in ads for Nescafe and Kenco Coffee.

Her latest success includes becoming one of the five faces of Marc Jacobs beauty, thanks to which she will be travelling to New York and other cities in the US to be featured on the luxury brand’s website and campaigns. Moreover, ‘Murda’ has been used in the upcoming Beauty by Marc video series.

Nathalie is not only beautiful and talented, but also a very bright young woman: speaks four languages, including French and Spanish. She just recently moved to the UK to help her music career to further develop as an independent artist and she is now in the studio with Rymez (Drake, Giggs, Donaeo), who is signed with Sony ATV and was the producer behind Stefflon Don’s critically acclaimed mixtape ‘Real Ting’. 

 2018 is set to be a big year for Nathalie, so stay tuned!

10/25/2017 07:27 AM
Ava Rene - Okay

“Okay” is the moving debut single from stand out singer Ava Renè, featuring intense, haunting vocals and super slick production. The song is deeply personal, but conveys a highly relatable message. It describes the realisation that though loss is painful, you can cope with it and you will inevitably become stronger through the experience. "I was having a conversation about my father passing away, but didn't want to come to terms with how I felt openly.  But I realized that each one of us experiences downfalls and disappointments and it was important for me to accept what I felt in that moment to help myself move forward".  Ava

Ava started out her musical journey as a member of a gospel choir at a London secondary school where she honed her talent as a singer. Her influences growing up were Nina Simone and Whitney Houston. These influences can be heard in Ava’s recent work alongside her own unique touch of soulful, bubbly and expressive personality.

Ava’s life was completely turned upside down with the death of her father, her biggest cheerleader.  But it was then that she found comfort in music and it helped her through those difficult times. In late 2014, Ava was scouted on StarNow, and later she was introduced to writer/producer Darren Martyn. The chemistry between the two was immediate and this resulted in her first single “Okay”. Since then, she has performed all around the UK, including London renowned show ILUVLIVE and one of the City’s finest venues, the Bedford. She has covered some of the most famous pop hits, such as “Skyfall” by Adele and “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys, adding her unique touch to them, which resulted in an astounding performance. This gained her immense popularity on YouTube.

01/20/2018 06:10 AM
Stunnah Gee Interview - International Girl

1.       Hi Stunnah! How are you? Thank you for giving us some of your time today.
I am fine, thank you, thanks for inviting me, my pleasure.

2.       You just released the music video for your latest single “International Girl” (which you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kTFjzlQBQo&has_verified=1)
Tell us a bit about the song and the creative process/inspirations behind it.
This is a unique song that celebrates women of different cultures. A song that encapsulates my regarding the opposite sex; appreciating women without any vulgarity.
The international girl video is a masterpiece video showcasing my love for the international girl. The director wanted to focus on my view on the joys of beautiful ladies of all shades, shapes and sizes. Moonblvke (pronounced Moonblake) is the lead model, who brings to life my vision for the beautiful international girl. 

3.       How did you find filming a music video? Was it a fun experience? Would be great to know what it was like and how it all works behind the scenes.
It was a video shot on set of a beautiful ultra-modern countryside home complete with a pool and very exquisite art pieces. We had some of the most beautiful models and dancers who came to add some glamour to the scenes. Behind the scenes was a great deal of organisation, where there should have been chaos, the set manager was able to get everyone in order, the whole crew were very cooperative and professional. Everyone knew their role and played it well. We had very few takes of each scene, thanks to the cohesiveness on set and how professional the cast were. A thoroughly wonderful experience all round.

4.       Your music is a blend of Afrobeats, Pop, Moombathon and a bit of reggae. What inspires you when you’re creating it? Who are the artists you mainly look up to in the industry?
First and foremost, I must give it up to Fela Kuti a chief inspiration and one of the reasons I took up AfroBeats. King Sunny Ade is another Afrobeat artist I take inspiration from. R-Kelly, Michael Jackson are great influences on my singing and performance style, Carlos Santana, Bob Marley are people I greatly admire too.

5.       What would you define as the highlight of your career so far?
My collaboration with African superstar Davido for the remix of my single Dengeme is certainly one of the great moments I’m most proud of.

6.       Is there anything else you’d like to tell us? Any new releases coming soon, live dates?
My next single is ready, still working on the release date, this is a song that will make you dance, want to party and overall have a great time.

7.       Thank you! Where can people find you on socials to keep up to date with your music?
Snapchat : @stunnahgee

10/20/2017 08:11 AM
Ava Rene: Interview

1. Hi Ava! Welcome to Matterz and thank you for joining us today. How are you doing?

Thank you, I feel great. The song is finally out and I’m excited to hear the responses from everyone.

2. Your brand new song “Okay” has just premiered on Singersroom, quite a big platform! How does it feel? Are you excited to share your work with the world?

I feel anxious, but ready. I’m most grateful for the opportunity to share this through Singersroom.
In a way I’m letting the world into my heart to experience what I felt in an intangible form. 

3. The song is definitely bound to be a hit, such a relevant sound and still so unique. What inspired you when writing it? Was it a long process?

It was just how I felt at the time, I didn’t want to accept what was going on within and find a way to move forward. The song unfolded in a day, it was a closing chapter.

4. In general, when making music, what inspires you the most? What are the artists that influence what you do the most?

To be honest, it’s never someone specific when we are working on new music, it’s more about the the story, emotions, and sound that I want to convey in the song. It’s a very personal and relieving experience. 

5. When did you start making music? Have you always had a passion for it or did you build it with time?

I started officially whilst I was on my first year of University. Although I was enjoying my course at the time, I was certain that I wanted to start working on new songs and be committed to music.

6. Are there any live shows we should know about? Would love to hear you live! 

The show bookings will go live in 3 weeks. They will be on my website at avarene.com

7. For all the new fans, where can they find you online? 

Yes, I’m on Facebook and Instagram @avareneofficial

8. Finally, any upcoming projects you’d like to mention? New videos, albums? 

Yes, I have the 2nd Single coming out, and there’s just so much happening music wise. I just can’t say anything just yet, but surely watch my space.

9. Thank you for your time! Hope to hear more from you soon. 

It's been a pleasure, Thank you for having me.

10/18/2017 02:06 PM
Martin Jensen ft. Loote - Wait
Martin Jensen is back, and this time he’s brought his fans with him
Listen on Spotify

Martin Jensen features his own fans and the American duo Loote on the new smash hit ‘Wait’, released 18th August.

Danish DJ and producer Martin Jensen scored one of the biggest hits of 2017 with the smash ‘Solo Dance’, and the track propelled the Dane to the top of both the charts and festival line ups all over the world. The touring brought him even closer to his fans – a growing base of 2.5 million dedicated followers on social media. Now he’s bringing them along musically for the next step in his career.

Everybody who has followed Martin Jensen for a while knows just how much he wants to engage his audience, both musically and personally. Now he’s gone the unconventional route of including them on his latest single ‘Wait’.

“I’ve always got my fans and their reaction in the back of my mind when I’m making music, but this time I thought they should play a more prominent part in my production”, he explains.

“We launched a competition and asked fans to send in videos of themselves singing the pre-chorus to the song, not knowing what to expect at all, and we were pretty nervous about it.
Luckily it turns out the average Martin Jensen fan is a great singer and I can barely wait to see my fans reactions to it. I owe them a lot, and this is a way for me to thank them”.

Amazing lead feature
His fans are not the only ones lending their voices to ‘Wait’; the American act Loote, best known for their irresistible ‘High Without Your Love’, is also a big part of the new Martin Jensen hit. The New York-based duo originally approached him for a remix, but Martin fell in love with Loote-singer Emma’s voice and suggested they join him on his next single instead – and it worked out wonderfully:
“Emma’s voice is just something else, and with my fans on the pre-chorus and Emma on the hook... I don’t think I could have asked for better vocals on any track”.
The resulting track is, quite simply, a sure shot Martin Jensen-production – happy and energetic, engaging and with a big chorus.
“I work hard, every single day to improve and even though I’m thrilled with the success of ‘Solo Dance’, I still want to reach even more people and make better tracks”, the DJ explains. 
“I can’t wait to see how the world responds to 'Wait'. Hopefully they’ll be as enthusiastic about it as I am”.

About Martin Jensen
  • 25 Years old, born in Jutland in Denmark
  • ‘All I Wanna Do’ has been streamed over 90 million times and reached number 11 on Danish charts and number 10 in Norway.
  • ‘Solo Dance’ has been streamed over 300 million times: 3x Platinum in Sweden, 3x Platinum in Norway, as well as Platinum in The UK, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy and Canada.
  • Toured Europe, Asia and is embarking on a US tour in the fall of 2017.
  • Number 82 on the DJ mag Top 100 list of 2016.
  • Officially remixed some of the biggest artists in the world: Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, Olly Murs and Sigala

Martin Jensen socials

10/16/2017 02:34 PM
Stunnah Gee - International Girl

The long-awaited club banger from AfroBeats all-star Stunnah Gee entitled International Girl is now available! The track has the slick production style and distinctive vocals fans have come to know and love from Stunnah Gee. International Girl features a glossy, fun music video aimed at empowered women of all cultures. Produced by the talented and prolific producer P2j, the song centres around Stunnah’s description of a special lady in his life; being a goddess in his view, with her best features originating from cultures around the globe. “I’m inspired by women in general, but I wanted to appreciate ladies from all around the world. What is different from anything I’ve done before is that this song has a very international-pop feel. It’s a different sound, it’s a different style. I can’t wait for my fans to hear it!” Stunnah Gee

Despite the success of his previous hit single Dengeme (Remix) featuring BET award nominee & Sony signed afrobeat legend Davido, Stunnah Gee’s follow up single International Girl looks set to eclipse Dengeme’s impact and establish Stunnah Gee as an global star. International Girl adopts an internationally accessible direction, blending AfroBeats, pop, moombahton with a touch of reggae. Stunnah Gee is best known by the music he released over the last 3 years which criss-crosses the African continent and cuts through the music genre that is now known as AfroBeats.

Stunnah Gee, also known as Felix Olajide Omolafe, takes inspiration from a unique blend of western influences and legendary west African musical heavyweights such as Fela Kuti, Fuse ODG & William Oneyearbor. Stunnah Gee briefly relocated to Nigeria in 2015 and quickly became part of the new wave of Afrobeat stars. However, he became frustrated by the lack of available structured pathways to commercial success and returned to the UK with a vision. He wants to share his music and shape the afrobeat music industry to ensure new talent doesn’t go unheard in the future.

10/16/2017 01:02 PM
Illusion - Paris

Illusion ‘Paris’ 

“Illusion is back with a super-slick, bass-heavy banger” MOBO Awards

Paris is the new single from Kudakwashe Sibanda, better known by his stage name 'Illusion'.

"Paris tells a story about having an adventure. People are so fearful of leaving things behind and this song documents someone who finally finds the courage to bring something new into their life." Illusion

Illusion is a producer, songwriter and rapper, described as Kendrick Lamar meets Drake with a Midland’s tint. He gained support from key urban platforms MOBOs, Link Up, Kiss, 1Xtra, Capital Xtra, MTV, AKA & Flava with his previous tracks No LoveTake A Break , Get Money. He recently collaborated with Hiltz on the single Bottom of a Glass.

Illusion bring something new to the UK rap scene. Not just another London MC, his Zimbabwe via Hereford background and musical family gives him a unique sound that fans worship. No wonder he has performed for BBC Introducing and supported Sneakbo on tour! Before his exposure to hip-hop and pop culture in his teens, a younger Illusion listened to soul, funk and rhythm & blues which have also gone into shaping his current sound.

10/09/2017 01:01 PM
Charlie Hole's New EP "Someone Else's Dream"

“This guy’s got potential…”- Rod Stewart
"The City is a touching evocation of the growing years" - Steve Harley

**Signed by Rondor/Universal publishing at just 18 years old, performed at Boardmasters, The Big Feastival, The Great Escape, Live at Leeds, supported Callaghan on a UK wide tour 2016 and supported Billy Ocean and Steve Harley**

“Someone Else’s Dream” is the brand-new EP by singer/songwriter Charlie Hole,  released on October 6th. Still in his 20s, Charlie has already won praise by global superstar Rod Stewart, identifying him as an emerging talent who has written a “beautiful song”.

Though born in the seaside resort Bournemouth, it was London that inspired Charlie to write the first track from the EP “The City”.  He moved to the capital at 19, experiencing first-hand the beauty and struggles that living in London can bring. The EP “Someone Else’s Dream” expresses his feeling of being lost and found whilst maintaining a determination to achieve his own dreams: “I think this EP has a certain soul-searching about it; I had been living in London, having a beautiful time and learning about all the world has to offer, but at the same time experiencing huge setbacks and frustrations in my career and personal life. This is a coming of age record; I was searching for some kind of clarity and definition in life, some kind of certainty in the midst of all the confusion. It was that time where you're trying to work out who you want to be; holding on to dreams and praying that they don't end up breaking you." Charlie Hole

Now Charlie is taking his music not only on the road, but also into living rooms across the UK and Europe. For over 10 years, he has played more than 1000 gigs and opened for world-class performers such as Billy Ocean and Steve Harley.

10/03/2017 09:40 AM
V.C.D. - Shelling Season
Have a Listen to V.C.D. HERE!

Who is V.C.D.? The name might be unfamiliar with you now, but that's gonna soon change.
Vandross Cox Durrant (real name) was just a fan of grime like most young males of his age, he went to raves, watched Channel U back in the day, bought mixtapes and albums , listen and recited the words of his favourite tunes, and thought nothing of it.

February 2016, V.C.D. went to Eskimo Dance @ O2 Academy Bristol in the front row, reciting and rapping along the words to the songs that were playing , somehow Wiley sees V.C.D. and starts tapping Jammer and points at V.C.D. next thing you know the promoter comes down to V.C.D. and asks if he's knows all the words? to which V.C..D replies "Yes", next thing he's up on stage shelling it down, after he came offstage Wiley spoke to V.C.D. and told him that he got talent.

Chip wanted to know who's the don spraying my bars? everyone points to V.C.D. which resulted with him going back and forth lyrically with Chip on stage, smashes it, they went their separate ways, he thought nothing of it.

Fast forward to bank holiday May 2016, Stormzy is due to perform at Love Saves The Day Festival in Bristol that weekend, somehow footage of V.C.D. gets uploaded to Twitter of V.C.D. performing Stormzy's lyrics with Chip of their song "Hear Dis" to which Stormzy tweets "Are you gonna be at LSTD? come to the front" to which V.C.D. replies "Say No More" to which everyone on V.C.D's Twitter goes nuts. In front of 17,000 people V.C.D. gets invited onstage with Stormzy to perform "Hear Dis" and smashes it with an energetic performance .

The photo for the front cover of the mixtape clearly shows this. Section Boys was filming the set, DJ Russke , Big Narstie, DJ Maximum, Saf One all showed interest. There's a saying "lightening doesn't strike in the same place twice" when they said that they didn't have V.C.D. in mind. V.C.D. also walked out for the legendary boxer Anthony Joshua when he came to Bristol earlier this year, Joshua told V.C.D. face to face "you got mad talent and charisma "

V.C.D. has been spending time honing his craft and stacking up on his tunes, "I wanna learn and be the best version of myself I can be" Bristol hip hop veteran K*ners came and scooped up V.C.D. and signed him to his K-Star production company, with Lekan Latinwo of Intricate Management, and now things are on track to bright future for the career of V.C.D. ,think nothing of it.

Twitter @vcdmc
Instagram: @vcdmc 

10/03/2017 09:36 AM
Cliche - Ebenezer
Rising star Ebenezerreleases his first single ‘Cliché’, listen HERE. The track was premiered across radio earlier this week via MistaJam and online by Noisey. Currently available across all Digital Service Providers.

Stream / Download HERE

In a few short years Ebenezer has worked with the likes of Craig David, Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign and Rejjie Snow. With the release of ‘Cliché’ he’s now stepping out alone, further carving the unique path he’s set for himself – one of emotionally tinged R&B with hints of trap, completely void of the usual pretence that’s flooded the genre. In a way, it could be described as conscious turn-up music, but without a holier than thou message it’s simply real. Ebenezer is telling his stories to the world.

The track sets Ebenezerapart from everyone else, as someone from London with a story to tell. “Cliché is a testament to who I am, my truth. I grew up different and I think different. I perceive the things that occur in my surroundings and effect my day to day life differently, all the way to my music. I've always been the one to say how I feel and not think twice about fitting in. I've always tried to be honest and transparent in everything I do especially in my music.”

Born in Homertonand now living in Tottenham, Ebenezerspent most of his childhood at a cousin’s house in Hackney – himself, his brother and sister and cousins all packed into one room like sardines. While his mother was busy holding down three jobs, Ebenezer would sit in his cousin’s house listening to music. “My brother was like the father, looked out for me, made sure I was straight, gave me hand-me-downs, put me on game, don’t do this, do this,” he says, referencing how they would spend evenings listening to MTV Base, eventually learning to produce.

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09/29/2017 10:14 AM
Leo Napier "Smile" - Romance Remix
Recently premiered at EDM Boutique, the new remix by Romance of Leo Napier "Smile" is available to listen! This new version gives the song a very cool twist and it's definitely a must, and right in time for the weekend!

Listen to the brand new remix HERE!

  • ·       "Leo Napier has acquired a well-earned reputation among us GRiZ/Gramatik fans for his vocal serenading" Stereofox
  • ·       "We were lucky enough to have Leo perform at #SONEGx1883 last month where he blew away the crowd with his raspy vocal twist on traditional R&B/Soul." 1883 Magazine
  • ·       “the soulful vocals of frequent collaborator Leo Napier, it encapsulates all the elements that have endeared GRiZ to his legions of fans.” Dancing Astronaut

Smile is the latest single from Coachella performing, neo-soul talent Leo Napier. Born in the US but now a proud London Ladbroke Grove resident, you’ll recognise the versatile songwriter’s crisp vocals as featuring alongside Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon on Gramatik’s most successful single to date, Native Son

'Smile' follows ‘Before I Go Away’ which was the first instalment from Leo’s debut EP ‘Mind Up’ (out Autumn 2017) which will slowly unravel itself throughout the course of the year.  The EP is a collection of urban tales, a mix of classic funk/soul with hard hitting electronic rhythms produced by eclectic worldwide talents. The songs are gritty urban tales with a cast of colourful characters peppered with Leo's signature brand of dark humour. 

“I never planned to stick the 5 tunes together and call it an EP. But somehow these songs feel cohesive. It’s a controlled chaos. A web of funky anecdotes served up, not exactly on a silver platter, but more of a greasy plate, with a whole lot of hot sauce.”  Leo Napier

09/25/2017 11:00 AM
Charlie Hole: Interview

  1. Hi Charlie and thank you for joining us today. How are you?
I’m great thank you! Everything is starting to get really exciting so there’s a lot going on. 
  1. Your brand new EP “Someone Else’s Dream” is coming out soon, on the 6th October. How does it feel? Tell us a little about what we should expect. 
It feels strange to finally release it, a lot has gone into this so it feels like a relief to finally get these songs out. They’ve been knocking around in the live set for a while so they’re well worn and trusted.. hopefully the record can do them the justice they deserve.  
  1. What was it like to record this EP? How was the whole process behind the scenes?
The recording of this EP was one of the most incredible experiences of my career; a real spiritual musical journey in many ways. We went and hid in the English countryside one winter, me and the band, a producer and engineer, plus a cameraman who filmed the whole thing and we cut 12 songs in 4 days. This is the first wave of releases that will come from those sessions. We sat in the same room in a circle and played the songs through, all live, so the takes all had a different colour and character to them. For most of the band it was the first time they’d heard any of the songs, so it has this real organic feel. I think we really captured that beautiful moment, the way music is supposed to be. 
Some of the guys in the band had worked with true greats like Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck to name a few, and I just put all my faith in them. It was incredible.    
  1. You also just released two songs from this EP, “The City” and “Boundaries”. What inspired you when you were writing them? In what way do you think they differ?
‘The City’ was one of the last songs I finished writing before going into the studio and I spent a long, long time getting it right. In fact, I had the lyrics years before I had the melody and I had tried playing it so many different ways. 
At one point it had a bit of a ‘Graceland’ feel to it, and at others times it sounded like an old Leonard Cohen track, but I had neglected the melody for too long and was just relying on the lyrics to carry it so it never worked. In the end I took a lot of inspiration from Don Maclean’s ‘Vincent’, and also a track off the latest Damien Rice record called ‘The Greatest Bastard’. 
The way the tempo sways in and out of time on that Don Maclean song especially grabbed me, and The City only really made sense to me when I found a melody that really complimented the lyrics. You have to find that balance, that synergy between lyric and melody, and then you know it’s right, you just know.
I played the song to Jim Cregan (co-writer and producer) and we wrote the chorus together. He has this way of lifting a song in ways I could never imagine, he adds this grace and class to songs and brings a lifetime of priceless songwriting expertise. The song would barely be half as good without his influence. He’s a real genius songwriter.
‘Boundaries’ had a much easier birth; it just came out fully formed like a gift from the song gods, which barely ever happens to me. When that happens it’s usually a good one.
  1. You have also received the support of Rod Stewart. How does it feel to have him as a fan?
It’s still somewhat surreal to me. He’s been incredibly kind and supportive, but he’s also not afraid of being critical, which is really helpful. When Rod Stewart gives you advice on a song you take it seriously, and I’ve definitely taken all his comments on board. 
  1. What should we expect for the future? Any live shows planned?
I’m going to spend the rest of the year on tour pretty much. The current dates we have released are: 
10th Live from Salon Noir, Upstairs at L’ESCARGOT, London 
14th VIN'S NIGHT IN, The Hospital Club, London
18th THE BEDFORD, London 
  1. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Anything else to say before we leave?

Thanks so much for your support, really means a lot. Hope to speak to you soon! 

09/22/2017 12:45 PM
Tha Ashes - Say When
Tha Ashes ‘Say When’ Impact Date 17th November 2017

“Say When is a dreamy vibe with haunting vocals on a hip-hop beat. Looking forward to hearing more!” Matterz Mag

Say When is the latest single from Tha Ashes (described as Drake meets WSTRN), supported by taste making radio stations such as Radar radio, Pulse FM, RJR Radio & Hot 102. The track has more than 13k views on YouTube…. everyone is talking about The Ashes!

Say When is about the feelings evoked during a difficult relationship. “I wanted to make an ‘I hate you but I love you type song’, an argument song not a breakup song. We all have that moment when we absolutely hate someone but don't want to break up forever.

Tha Ashes front man Ashanti started playing with words at the age of 11. He started writing poetry before discovering a passion for music, and soon turned his poems into lyrics.  His music is melting pot of genres, from grime to rock to funk. “My niche is my diversity: I rap, I sing, I produce and I do all genres of music. There is an Ash that can do everything, hence the name ''Tha Ashes'' meaning there is more than one Ash. It also means ''Ashes'' like in what is left after fire, a symbol for self-improvement and being a better version of yourself, what comes after the fire like a phoenix. And lastly, it’s a spin of my name. My name is Ashanti but everyone calls me Ash... so I just turned it into Tha Ashes.”

Stay tuned for “Say When” upcoming video, which will be available on YouTube very soon!