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08/16/2017 10:37 AM
Aaron Martyn: Interview

Hi Aaron! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. How are you today?

I’m feeling good!

“Slide into My DM” is your new single, coming out 8th September 2017. How does it feel?

It feels exciting and I’m looking forward to performing it live and letting the world hear it.

You are quite a YouTube sensation already with more than 100.000 views on your Drake cover. Do you feel any pressure coming with all the attention and what do your friends say?

I don’t feel pressure at all. I’m just focusing on enjoying the process and having fun with it. My friends are gassed about the new single and very supportive. They sing my songs back at me when I’m walking through the playground.

Is there anyone in the music industry you would love to work and collaborate with yourself one day?

There’s many people I would love to collaborate with but it would be a dream to collaborate with Drake, Justin Bieber or The Weekend as I love what they do.

What are your plans after releasing “Slide into My DM”? Are you planning to release an album? 

I have recorded my whole EP already called ‘From The DM To The DM’ . There are six songs and they are all apart of one movie. So we are shooting videos to all of them. ‘Slide Into My DM’ is just the beginning of the story. Each single will be out one after another.

In case people want to stay up-to-date with you. Where best can they find you on social media? 

I’m active on all social medias…

Facebook: Aaronmartynmusic
Instagram: aaronmartynofficial
Twitter: Aaronmartyn12
Snapchat: Aaronmartyn12
Youtube: aaronmartyn
Website: www.aaronmartyn.com

08/14/2017 11:18 AM
Aaron Martyn ‘Slide into My DM’ Impact Date 8th September
“After receiving over 100,000 views on his cover of Drake’s ‘One Dance’, 13-year-old Aaron Martyn unveils his new single ‘Slide In to My DM’…expect to hear more from the bright, young talent in the very near future.” MTV

‘Slide into My DM’ is the new single by 13-year old YouTube sensation Aaron Martyn, featuring CKay  and Skarz  Aaron says "the track is about flirting with a girl and asking her to slide into the dm (direct messages) so we can chat more privately!”
13-year-old Aaron Martyn has already made a huge personal sacrifice to pursue his passion for music. A naturally gifted footballer, he was scouted at 9 years old and played for various top clubs including Tottenham Hotspurs, Charlton Athletics, Fulham, and Leyton Orient, all by the age of twelve. But last year, whilst sitting in his dad’s studio (Darren Martyn/DM Unsigned), Aaron plucked up the courage to say how much he wanted to be a singer. Aaron sang Miguel’s ‘Adorn’ to his dad, who saw something special and began developing Aaron weekly. Eight months later Aaron released  his cover version of ‘Drake – One Dance’  stacking up over 120,000 views.

On his 13th birthday, Aaron released his 1st free download EP ‘Thirteen’. The debut record ‘Tears Don’t Dry’ premiered on Link Up TV  and made a stamp on the urban music scene. Heads began to turn; TV and event requests came in and the Hackney Gazette published a double page spread. Since then, Aaron teamed up with Eastender’s Star Maisie Smith  to perform on a five date school tour, covering 10 schools and delivering 20 shows.. Social media stats doubled and a loyal fanbase was born. The two young stars have also performed several covers on YouTube which have racked up thousands of views Now Aaron Martyn is signed to  Defenders Ent record label and Coalition Talent Agency. Aaron Martyn is now finishing his next EP ‘From the DM to the DM’, rehearsing for his Scotland school tour this August.His bright future in music has begun.

08/14/2017 10:30 AM
Igloo featuring Nina Jade - Sun Is Shining (Urban Club remix)

Brand new UK producer 'Igloo' drops his debut single - a cover of Bob Marley's 'Sun Is Shining' featuring vocals from UK Singer/songwriter 18 year old Nina Jade. This urban mix will uplift everyone's moods and allows you to kick back and smile.
UK producer Igloo has been busy behind the scenes. 2016 brought a collaboration with Tobtok (Perfect Havoc) & River on the viral smash Fast Car (Atlantic Records), achieving Platinum status in Australia, top ten in Ireland, Sweden and Poland, #1 chart position on Shazam in Germany and Ireland with over 27 Million Streams on Spotify. Igloo also secured a string of cuts alongside River with the likes of Defected, Toolroom, Hed Kandi, Protocol, Armada, Kitsune, Disco Wax, Sony & UMG.
Having gained support from the likes of Oliver Heldens, Sander Van Dorn, Mark Radford, Saturday Night Kiss for Remember Me, that he co-wrote & produced with River, and the track has also been synced with Canon's latest camera campaign featuring Zoe Kravitz.
Igloo has now decided to step in front of the light starting with a classic cover of Bob Marley’s popular summer jam ‘Sun Is Shining’ which is a perfect blend of reggae and tropical house – a perfect summertime recipe. Sun Is Shining (Feat. Nina Jade) is available now across all stores on Perfect Havoc.

08/14/2017 10:29 AM
Elliot Junior - Take A Trip

Hailing from the musical city of Bristol, Elliot Junior spent his early childhood being influenced by the likes of Tupac, Biggie and Chris Brown, and more recently Trey Songz, Migos, Bryson Tiller and C-Biz. 

Having already making an impact on Bristol's buzzing music scene by way of Simz City TV Youtube video channel by doing cover versions, Elliot quickly gained the attention of Bristol rap legend Horaine "K*ners" Ferguson, Who promptly signed him to his K-Star imprint earlier this year. K-Star serves as a much needed platform to bring through new talent that continually gets overlooked by the tastemakers and the major record labels in London. 

According to Elliot Jr's recent interview on The Ross Barnett show he says "I want to be the best I can be". and he's staying true to his word and is currently working towards material for his forthcoming debut album.  His debut single is called "Take A Trip" which has been mixed and mastered by Bristol Dubstep Pioneer "Joker", Stay tuned!!!

Twitter: @Elliotjr_
Instagram: @Elliotjr_

08/14/2017 10:10 AM
Max Stone ft. Ce’Cile – Never Been Loved out 18th July 2017
Max Stone ft. Ce’Cile – Never Been Loved out 18thJuly 2017

People may remember Max Stone as X-Factor finalist who broke out and set up his own rules by covering two Bob Marley songs, “No Woman No Cry” and “Turn Your Lights Down Low”. After X-Factor he went straight to the studio to record his debut album which was influenced by his unstoppable love for reggae music. He performed alongside Jimmy Cliff, Ali Campbell, Ernest Ranglin, Sly and Roobie, Suggs and Dawn Penn as the only unsigned artist at “A Night of Reggae” for Save the Childen.
Back in 2016, he was invited to Jamaica to work with Grammy awar winning reggae producer Jazzwad. Back in England, he teamed up with D Goody and Ce’Cile who added her own Middle 8 for their first promo release “Never Been Loved”.
“Never Been Loved is a track about being enamoured with someone and wanting to share every side of yourself so they can know how it feels to be loved. Ce'Cile has added her  raw Dancehall/ Reggae talent  incorporating  her own melodies and style into the story.”

His upcoming album “Keep Rising” is finished and shares a powerful statement about Love, War and all things in between.

08/08/2017 10:35 AM
Youel - Interview

“Feel the Fall” is your first single from your EP which has just been released. How does it feel?
The band and me have been self releasing music for years, but never with the support of a publisher behind us. So it definitely feels like an achievement, tinged with nerves for how it's received...

You already got great support from big names like BBC Radio 6 Music and BBC Introducing. Do you feel any pressure coming along with being in the public eye now?
I wouldn't say we're in the public eye yet! The only pressure I feel is from myself to keep up the momentum, and to get better with every release. 

Do you have any plans to take your music on the road at some point and if yes, where can we see you?
We'll be gigging around London over the next few months; dates and venues coming up soon...

If you guys could collaborate with an artist, who would you choose?
Well as I write these answers I'm listening to Radiohead- and I love Thom Yorke's collaborations with Bjork and PJ Harvey. I think he'd probably tell me where to get off, but if I'm choosing then that's who I'd go for! The rest of Radiohead can absolutely come along too.

What are your plans after releasing your EP? Are you working on an album?
We're working on another EP. 4 tracks is a really nice amount to work a particular sound into. We want to keep exploring different ways of combining the more guitar based indie sound with a really inventive, fresh electronic sound. The EP we just released is very electronic focused, whereas I'm keen to fill the tracks with more layers of guitar, and maybe work in real drum kits to the production. 

In case people want to stay up-to-date with you. Where can they best find you?
Music wise- the soundcloud, gig wise- twitter, and for visual stimulation- instagram
08/08/2017 09:57 AM
The Ironweed Project - Interview

Hello Aniff/Ironweed Project, thank you for your time. How are you?
I'm really good thanks we too busy and trying to do too many things at once but wouldn't have it any other way. 

Your new single “The Blues is Alive” is out, off the album named after it. Are you excited about sharing this with the world?
Yeah it's taken quite a while to pull this album together having so many ideas then trying to narrow them down then to finish the songs with so much stuff going on the world as to what the songs would say and how people react to them and also to make the songs challenging as opposed to just doing more of the kind of standard blues thing which is what the ironweed project is about. So I'm really pleased with the way it turned out and hope people like it. 

How would you describe the track?
In my head it's A hybrid of hip-hop and trap blues when I think of acts like Migos or  2 chains it's that vibe that makes your shoulders just shrugged and your head leaning your fingers come up and you just feel like ooooh. It's laced with that kind of deep south sentiment and twisted observations. With those double entendres hidden away. 

In what ways do you believe the song, and the album at large, differs from your previous records? Is the vibe still the same, what should we expect?
Each album I make I really do try and challenge my fans as to what their perception of the blues is so I'll try and push boundaries as to what they think they like what they know they liked what they actually think hey this is okay and I will settle for Havis is okay all day I would love to think that a grandfather and a young child could sit and singalong to my album that would please me immensely the grandfather saying this sounds like Howling Wolf and the young kid saying it sounds like Trinidad James 

You have started your project back in 2003. How do you think you have evolved as a person and an artist since then?
In true in 2003 I thought there was no one doing anything like I was doing now to see the space occupied by likes of Seasick Steve Rag'n'Bone Man and into some elements I hear even Anderson Paak Kendrick Lamar of using the tone now is in the richness of the culture awareness and diversity that of the blues can bring in their music and two as I said even trap emcees as well so I feel it's it's great place to be in and l can show l was an early pioneer panning for nuggets in this area.

Does this reflect in your work?
Yes I guess it does in that I keep trying to look for some venue and interesting that would challenge me and also challenge the listeners of the things I do

Finally, where should we head to in order to listen to your newly released song?
Head to Spotify on my Facebook page really crazy busy with lots of things I'm doing at the moment hopefully can have some remixes out quite soon and already thinking about fourth album I think by time I get to the fifth or sixth album I'll be ready for a mercury nomination which will be so pleased about. 

08/07/2017 04:04 PM
Leo Napier - Can't Change Crazy (Lyric Video)

Leo Napier ‘Can't Change Crazy’ Lyric Video
•         "Leo Napier has acquired a well-earned reputation among us GRiZ/Gramatik fans for his vocal serenading" Stereofox
•         "We were lucky enough to have Leo perform at #SONEGx1883 last month where he blew away the crowd with his raspy vocal twist on traditional R&B/Soul." 1883 Magazine
•         “the soulful vocals of frequent collaborator Leo Napier, it encapsulates all the elements that have endeared GRiZ to his legions of fans.” Dancing Astronaut

Before I Go Away is the debut single from Coachella performing, neo-soul talent Leo Napier. Born in the US but now a proud London Ladbroke Grove resident, you’ll recognise the versatile songwriter’s crisp vocals as featuring alongside Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon on Gramatik’s most successful single to date, Native Son. Chart topping dance act GRiZ’s electro-funk take on Before I Go Away was released by the DJ last year and has garnered millions of streams to date. This follows from their previous collaboration A Fine Way To Die  which also has streams in the millions.

‘Before I Go Away’ is the first instalment from Leo’s debut EP ‘Mind Up’ (out Autumn 2017) which will slowly unravel itself throughout the course of the year.  The EP is a collection of urban tales, a mix of classic funk/soul with hard hitting electronic rhythms produced by eclectic worldwide talents. The songs are gritty urban tales with a cast of colourful characters peppered with Leo's signature brand of dark humour. 
“I never planned to stick the 5 tunes together and call it an EP. But somehow these songs feel cohesive. It’s a controlled chaos. A web of funky anecdotes served up, not exactly on a silver platter, but more of a greasy plate, with a whole lot of hot sauce.”  Leo Napier

08/07/2017 12:53 PM
Youel ‘Feel the Fall’ single & EP Release

“a great pop band, waiting to be discovered by the mainstream audience” BBC Introducing
"YOUEL mix danceable tunes with an indie sensitivity...I can’t think of another band doing it with such charm and lightness of touch" BBC’s Fresh Faves
“within seconds of tuning in…you’ll be well and truly hooked” The Unsigned Guide


Feel the Fall is the first single from Youel, the three-piece alt-pop group making fresh electro-indie which has gained support from BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and new TV series, BBC 1’s Clique. The group have gigged all over London, from Scala, to Proud Camden, to Bush Hall.

“The song is a tribute to female courage against all the odds. I was inspired by reading about women and girls in conflict having to take extreme measures to escape. I was trying to get my head around the kind of unimaginable bravery that takes. The song is an attempt to understand that thought process. Although it’s a heart-breaking story, I wanted the track to be uplifting, as a testament to their strength.” Viv Youel

Incredible vocalist Viv Youel and the production talents of Poppy Kavanagh and Tom Campbell comprise the uniquely talented Youel. Feel the Fall is the first single from the debut EP. The EP is released 28th July, eagerly awaited by fans. Youel are performing at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen on August 4th - click here for details

08/04/2017 11:09 AM
Roach Killa: Interview
Hi Roach Killa, Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. How are you doing? “Go Down Low” will be released September 15th and shows a new musical direction. Is there any story behind the new direction?
Go Down Low is a  Reggae influenced dance no. for the masses.. I grew up in Toronto, Canada and the neighbourhood that i grew up in Scarborough or Scartown had a lot of immigrants and majority of them were from the carribean .. so  i instantly fell in love with Reggae music..
Having eastern Roots as i was born in LIBYA i decided to experiment with the 2 genres of music and dropped my first single “TALKIN”  which was signed to VIRGIN Records..
Over the years i built a massive worldwide fan base from Fusion Music to Strictly Reggae/HipHop.. The new direction is for me to take my fan base on a worldwide journey and  showcase my talent to the masses and create a movement.. 

Your track “Bomp” already reached #15 in the National Dance Charts and your latest single Heartbroken has achieved 10 million YouTube views in 6 months. How does this success feel? Do you feel any pressure coming with it?
I never feel the pressure because we live breathe what we do.. we love what we do so it just comes natural, we don’t force it and Im blessed by such wonderful fans that support my music to the fullest so its a win win win… Bomp was a project i did for SONY/BMG Italy produced by DJ JAD of (ARTICOLO 31) Italy’s biggest hiphop Group… The song reached no.15 on the charts which i was very humbled by and only gave me more strength and belief… Heartbroken we all knew was gonna be 
a big track but 10 million in 6 months was an amazing feeling just goes to show that
good music will always find its listeners… 

You were born in Libya, raised in Toronto and now live in Birmingham. Do you feel each city has influenced your music?
Of course… Life is an experience as long as you learn from it… Everyday is a learning curve.. Africa to Canada then to Uk definitely has shaped my music and moulded me into the artist i am today … I think its an advantage to be able to experience different cultures and translate that to the music…

If it was up to you and you could collaborate with an artist, who would you choose?
Theres a few.. but off the top EMINEM because i learnt a lot from him interns of VOCAL DELIVERY… BREATH CONTROL.. TIGHTNESS OF THE FLOW… WORD PLAY
I can Go on lol… Only way to describe him is LEGEND

Are there any plans to take your music on the road?
GO DOWN LOW is releasing sept 15th and We are in full promotion mode and the 
early response is great.. so as the days get closer, we will be on road doing promotional shows, radio interviews, appearances etc… 

Where can people find you online in case they want to stay up-to-date?
My twitter is @roachkilla1
Facebook www.facebook.com/roachkillafanspage
Instagram : @roachkillaofficial  

Again, thank you for taking the time!

08/01/2017 04:56 PM
Max Stone: Matterz Interview

Hey Max! Great to catch you, how are you doing?

Hi I'm doing great thank you.

“Never Been Loved” is coming out perfectly in time for the summer with laid-back reggae vibes. How was it working with Ce’Cile on the track?

It was great working with and having Ce'Cile onboard the track. To have her experience and style brought into the track gave it the twist it needed so I feel really lucky to get to work with her.

And last year you were invited to Jamaica to work with producer Jazzwad – must have been very special to be writing reggae music in the home of some of the best reggae artists we’ve seen?

Working with Jazzwad in Kingston was a dream come true, I spent some time working in Bob Marley’s studio Tuff Gong. It was a very special moment standing in the same spot he used to write and record a lot of his material. Jazzwad truly gave me the real Jamaica experience showing me the night life and introducing me to some of the great artists out there including Bounty Killer, Ninja Man and Damian Marley who in their own ways taught me a lot that will stick with me in my progression as an artist. My time in Jamaica made me appreciate reggae music so much more as I was able to breath in the life of its origin .

You took reggae to the X Factor stage in 2015, bucking the trend of the usual sort of pop singer the show attracts. Did that experience help you find your style/confirm that reggae was the genre you were most comfortable in?

Doing Reggae music on the X-Factor definitely strengthened my belief in the music direction I knew I wanted to pursue. To perform on a mainstream stage like that and to have people voting for me confirmed that it's something people can enjoy and that as long as I pursue my music with honesty and passion it feels like the right thing to do. So more than anything performing in the show gave me the push I needed within myself to get to where I wanted to be musically.

Your album “Keep Rising” is ready for release later this year. Can we expect tunes in a similar vein to “Never Been Loved” or will there be any surprises thrown in the mix?

There will be some surprises thrown into the mix of the album for sure. You can expect some similar tracks with summer vibes but also some harder hitting tunes and powerful statements. All in all I'm very happy with how the album turned out as I feel it shows me not just as a singer but also that I have something to say and I can't wait to share my story with you.

Lastly, when and where can we hope to catch a live listen to “Never Been Loved”?

You can have a listen to the track on my soundcloud, it’s available now at https://soundcloud.com/max-stone-official. Live show updates will be added to my website and you can join up to my mailing list to receive alerts. Thanks!

07/31/2017 12:52 PM
Roach Killa ‘Go Down Low’ 15th September
Roach Killa ‘Go Down Low’ 15th September
“Roach Killa has a versatile style, unique and inspiring. He is a real artist who can sing, write and produce. He has much more to give to his fans. It was a great pleasure to collaborate with him…he has the talent to work with the best in the world.” Apache Indian

** remixes package including DJ Shadow, Sam Supplier, Wooligan, Surinder Rattan, TRC and Noodles **
** Roach Killa has total combined youtube hits of around 150 million **
**various radio spins confirmed across BBC 1xtra, BBC Asian Network and pirate stations**
Go Down Low (produced by British-Asian music pioneer DJ Surinder Rattan) is the new single in a new direction from the international Asian-urban star Roach Killa. Born in Libya but raised in Toronto, Roach Killa fell in love with reggae culture at a young age and became a star within his own community.

“Go Down Low is an infectious beat that demands you to dance. It’s a sound I think everyone from the Asian, urban and club scenes will love” Roach Killa

Roach has an impressive track record. Bomp reached #15 in the National Dance Chart and his last single Heartbroken  has already achieved 10 million Youtube views in 6 months. His first two Bollywood singles achieved #1 in India’s iTunes charts and clocked up over 90 million YouTube hits combined.  Roach Killa has also collaborated with Spragga Benz, the international reggae superstar from Jamaica.

Roach’s music combines his roots and culture in a unique way that has won him millions of fans across the world. With a fresh, glossy video and remixes from DJ Shadow , Sam Supplier, Wooligan, Surinder Rattan, TRC and Noodles, Go Down Low is an unstoppable hit, and only a taste of what’s to come.

07/17/2017 12:20 PM
Max Stone ft. Ce’Cile: "Never Been Loved" Free Download: 18th July 2017

Max Stone ft. Ce'Cile:"Never Been Loved" 18th July

Never Been Loved is the new single by the uniquely talented performer and songwriter Max Stone, who you might recognise as the X-Factor finalist who was determined to only perform the music he loved. He covered Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry  and Turn Your Lights Down Low gaining him an impressive new fanbase and recognised by The Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Mail, ITV This Morning and much more. Since X-Factor, Max been perfecting his debut album, influenced by his unstoppable love of reggae music.

Max recently performed alongside Jimmy Cliff, Ali Campbell, Ernest Ranglin, Sly and Roobie, Suggs and Dawn Penn as the only unsigned artist at “A Night of Reggae” for Save the Childen. You can hear for yourself that Max is an amazing talent, by checking out his Reload Sessionsperformance.

Last year, Max was invited to Jamaica to work with Grammy Award winning reggae producer Jazzwad. He then teamed up with D Goody and Ce'Cile who added her own middle eight on "Never Been Loved". Ce'cile (international reggae star who has worked with Sean Paul, Gavin Rossdale and Debbie Nova) has had multiple hits in the UK Single Charts. 

“Never Been Loved is a track about being enamoured with someone and wanting to share every side of yourself so they can know how it feels to be loved. Ce'Cile has added her  raw Dancehall/ Reggae talent  incorporating  her own melodies and style into the story.”

Max’s upcoming album Keep Rising shares a powerful statement about love, war and all things in between. The album is due for release later this year.

07/17/2017 11:43 AM
Matterz Interview: Yasmin Kadi

Your new single isn’t your first musical endeavour, with your debut single Earthquake charting no.1 on iTunes Ireland!
How does it feel to be back releasing music?

It feels amazing to release music again. It’s like opening up your diary and letting people read a few pages.  And since the release of my first EP I’ve never stopped creating music. I’ve been recording and writing non-stop for my upcoming album, which is also out this year September.

So onto the new track, ‘No Drama’ – clearly on the topic of relationships, where did you find inspiration for this tune?

I find inspiration from life experiences and conversations with people.
‘No Drama came from issues some of my friends were going through, both male and female. Also on one of my own past relationships where a partner was jealous beyond the realms of sanity, and It got to a point where you have to say, enough is enough, I don’t want any more drama.

The afrobeat pop sound is set to be hugely popular this summer, will you be taking the track to live venues?

Yes I’ve been taking Afrobeat to live venues for the past year and a half now, including headlining Women of The World Festival at Southbank 2016, performing at the 02 Forum alongside Paloma Faith and performing live on various BBC Radio shows.

I’ve even got Lord Alf Dubs from the House of Lords Dancing to my music when I performed live at the opening for the first Migration Museum in London. And to top that off, I got a tweet from BBC’s George Alagiah, who also attended and spoke at the event.

My next live date will actually be at a Stadium – which is a first for me, so it’s very exciting. It’s on the 5th of August at the AFC Wimbledon Stadium in Kingston.  I’ll be the supporting act for Latin Grammy Nominee Rafael Britto.

And how was it working with SOS? Must be exciting working with the same producer as the likes of Ariana Grande and Stormzy!

It was very exciting working with SOS. Great guys!
We got along really well and we just had so much fun creating feel good music and hanging together. They listened to where I was coming from and what I wanted and they were very open.
When you have a good production, the writing just flows.
Most of the songs we did were produced, written and recorded in a day.
The next day or so, we would just touch and tidied things up.

You’ve appeared alongside Usain Bolt with Virgin Media and featured in music videos with Mary J. Blige, Jay Sean and Lil Wayne. Could you see TV as a potential venture for the future alongside your music?

Absolutely, you can speak to people directly on TV and it has the power to reach an infinite amount of audience worldwide, so what better platform to showcase your art.

And finally, where next from here for Yasmin Kadi?

Alongside my single ‘No Drama’, I’m also working on a charity single – collaborating with various Sierra Leonean artists and speaking up against knife crime. Then I’m releasing another single, which would be followed by the release of my Album, also titled “No Drama” – and continue on the live circuit. Believe it or not, I am already writing songs for my second album. Creating never stops form me and I’m very grateful for that.

07/17/2017 11:30 AM
Matterz Interview: Üm.

Hello Üm! Great to catch you today for a chat, how are you doing?

Hi, I’m great thank you, and you ?

Can you tell us a bit more about the upcoming single ‘Take My Way’?

We took  a huge pleasure to work on that track with Tisha, it’s a flagship of my first EP,  It’s symbolic and full of good vibes and happiness.

So how did you come into contact with Tisha for the record?

We met in Montpellier about a year ago at a friend’s house, she got plans and was working with them, with one thing and another, we learnt to know each other better, then when I started working on my EP especially “Take my Way”, I thought about her immediately, and here we are, the beginning of a great adventure.

Was the songwriting process relatively balanced with Tisha or did you have a clear idea of what sound you wanted when you began writing the tune?

No, I didn’t really have a clear idea or an accurate direction of where I wanted to go, I just knew I wanted it to be a music that makes you feel good, makes you smile.  In the first place “Take my Way” didn’t sound like it sounds today, it was quiet different, by working day by day on it, it took a different and natural turn, and I let myself go for it. Then Tisha came to push the track to an other level and here we go, it was our first collaboration together and we keep a very good memory of it.

As your third release of the year you’re clearly brimming with ideas! Has your mastery of multiple instruments and genres helped to fuel your musical output/give you constant fresh ideas?

I think that being a jack-of-all-trades allows us to capture new ways to express, in my compositions, yes, I guess that somehow it helps me, but I’ve always more or less the same process to create new songs. I play on my piano the chords then I’m looking for some ideas in the meantime, or I go directly on Ableton if I know where I’m going. But I’m still convinced that what helps me the most and what inspires me, is to listen to music over and over.

Will we be expecting to see the new track performed live in the near future? If so, where?

Yes of course, I don’t know yet, I guess I’ll be ready for the live on January 2018. Where ? you have to ask the boss ! ahah
No matter where and when, we’ll give everything we got !

And finally, can we expect any more releases in 2017?

Yes, we have several tracks that will come out on july maybe august, we take our time to be sure it’s dope, I invite you to stay tuned, a lot of amazing things are about to come !

Thank you all !

07/13/2017 10:37 AM
Yasmin Kadi - No Drama
Yasmin Kadi ‘No Drama’ 18thAug 2017
''... she’d literally blow the roof off!” Gary Crowley” BBC London
Yasmin Kadi, clearly a class act in the makingThe Stage

Yasmin Kadi’s eagerly awaited, crowdfundedsingle No Drama produced by SOS (Ariana Grande, Emeli Sande, Stormzy, Wretch 32, Tinie Tempah) is finally here! No Drama is an infectious afrobeat pop banger, perfect for the sizzling 2017 summertime. Yasmin says “relationships, especially intimate ones, can be full of complications. This track is about wanting to say - I don’t want any more drama -take it to your mama, as I'm not interested!!”
Since Yasmin Kadi's debut single Earthquake charted at #1 on iTunes Ireland,she has performed alongside Paloma Faith at London's 02 Forum, headlined the Women of the World festival in 2016 at the Southbank, toured with MOBO Award winning Hip Hop veteran Roots Manuva and appeared in music videos for the likes of Mary J. Blige, Jay Sean and Lil Wayne. Yasmin was the face and voice of Channel 4’s ‘All 4’ campaign alongside Alan Carr and John Snow and is currently starring alongside Usain Bolt in the new Virgin Media Campaign “This is Virgin Fiber”. She is even one of the lead performers in the latest Guitar Hero game! Her last single Go Down Low feat Moelogo was supported by the likes of SB:TV, Capital Xtra, Kiss Fresh, BBC Arts Hour, BBC Africa and BBC World Service.
Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Yasmin was forced to flee to the UK with her family at a very young age, after her family home was attacked during the Sierra Leone blood diamond conflict. Amidst all that turmoil, Yasmin used music to express herself. “Growing up in Africa, you don't really have a voice, especially as a female”, Yasmin recollects. “You always had to suppress how you felt and your opinions didn't really matter to a certain extent, so I was determined naturally as I got older to just speak my mind”, and that is exactly what she has done, finding a voice through her music.

07/11/2017 11:56 AM
Üm. - Take Me Away
Üm ‘Take My Way’ ft Tisha (Impact Date 1st September)
“Slick production and a vocal hook that’ll stick on your head for days. Take My Way is destined for your summer playlist”. Matterz Mag

Take My Way ft Tisha is the new single from, the hottest producer to come out of France since Martin Solveig. Montpellier based Üm debuted his first EP in January and is on target to release his third by the time the year is out. Though he’s proudly prolific, committing all his time to crafting new productions, the quality of his music is what really sets him apart from other new electronic artists.

Üm worked with the honey-voiced Tisha to create the radio friendly pop track ‘Take My Way’. Üm says "I was looking for some more colourful and warm sounds for Take My Way. I set myself the challenge of making it part of a consistent sounding EP. I locked myself in every night and I think the hard work paid off!”

Though Üm aka Umberto is still a young producer right at the start of his career, he’s been learning music since he was just seven years old. A true multi-talent, he plays the clarinet, drums, cello and piano! His many inspirations can be heard in his productions, ranging from world music, jazz, rock and current artists including Aurora, Synapson, Bonobo, Fakear and The Avener.  Internationally renowned producer Romulus discovered Üm’s music and fell in love with it. Through him, Üm met by his manager and later signed to Pleiade Productions. His first EP was released by Pictor Music.

07/10/2017 12:43 PM
Koyza - Celebrate [Music Video]

Koyza ‘Celebrate’ out 7th July 2017

London-based Koyza is back with a song to celebrate life. ‘Celebrate’ will be released February 3th, 2017 and was mastered at the infamous Abbey Road Studios. The song represents Koyza’s life-long love of music and his unique sound.

His devotion shines through his music and soul as it is his ultimate inspiration to connect people and make realise that they’re not alone. He wants everyone to know that what they’re feeling, someone else is feeling it too.
As he puts it: “Dance music brings people together – it’s for everyone. Other kinds of music have typical fans, with their typical styles, moods and opinions, but dance music has no boundaries. And there’s nothing like the high you get from an uplifting melody over a killer beat.”

For ‘Celebrate’, Koyza worked together with WestFunk who is an established DJ, producer and remixer. He created remixes of Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris or Jason Derulo.

07/10/2017 11:19 AM
Amy Steele - Graces [Music Video]

Amy Steele ‘Graces’ Out 30th June

• “Amy is fast becoming one of the capital’s most respected new talents.” Hunger Magazine
• “Amy boasts the ethereal, haunting melodies of Lana Del Rey whilst her voice is bursting
with the kind of soul that you would normally expect from Laura Mvula.” Wonderland
• “Her music is shot through with a commitment to the smaller details. This Aesthetic
exactness gives her work an astonishing sense of depth.” Clash Magazine

Graces is the new single by Amy Steele, an exceptional singer/songwriter from London who has
already won the support of BBC R1, Clash and Wonderland. “Graces is the memory of hopefulness in
a new beginning. An exploration of the apprehension in being parted from someone, tempered with
the wistfulness of hope.” Amy Steele

Alongside developing her sound and fanbase (over 20,000 Facebook Likes and 37,000 twitter
followers and growing quickly), Amy has recently completed her doctorate in medicine, making her
Dr Steele! Amy’s first single Bury You Deep gained over a million YouTube views and included a
banging garage remix courtesy of Catch 44 aka Ras Kwame of Capital Xtra. Her follow up single The
Wolves clocked up over two million streams and received support from UKF and BBC Radio 1.
Graces is the first single from Amy’s upcoming EP entitled Memories in Watercolour, an 8-track
reflective EP with each track examining a different stage of a relationship. Each track on the EP is a
different memory, or colour, that has been slightly degraded.

‘Graces’ comes with five remixes: Truth (Dubstep) Hodge Bristol (Electronic) Icicle (DnB) Journeyman
(House) Embody (Electronic), that are each set to be released over the coming weeks.

07/10/2017 11:02 AM
Matterz Interview: Diives - Anxiety

Hi Diives, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. How are you today?

Yes, I'm great thank you – happy to take a break and have a chat… 

Can you tell us a little bit about the meaning of your name and how you came up with it? Well everyone goes through ups and downs in their life, & at the time I came up with the name, things weren't great, but my philosophy is that things will always look up, you always have to come up for air. Diving into water is almost like taking a step into the unknown, a new World, a new space. That's what the name means to me, it's about creating something positive out of the unknown darkness that we sometimes find ourselves in and when we need to, we can always head for the light and catch our breath. 

Your track “Anxiety” will be your debut single, due to be released 18th August 2017. How does it feel to release music into the world? 

It feels great, the biggest thing for me is just knowing a wider audience will hear it. There's only so much you can do yourself to get your stuff out there, but just knowing that the release will give it that huge helping hand is everything. It's all about people relating for me and if my music and lyrics can help a few people that are going through the same sort of thing, then that's job done for me. 

You prefer to let music do the talking. Do you have a favourite genre/artist? 

With me, I really don't. I know a lot of musicians say that, but if you could see the playlists I listen to, you'd understand. I can go from the most relaxed, chilled out music through to heavy metal, down to electronic pop music and land somewhere like grime. I would never want to pretend that I am one set genre because I'm not. I could release something like Anxiety and then next week I could put out a song that's simply me singing over an acoustic guitar. I don't think artists should be restrained, I bet there are so many artists out there that would love to completely switch it up sometimes.  

With your music, you want to raise awareness about mental health issues which is a topic people slowly start to talk about. Are all your songs based on personal experiences? 

I would say 99% of my songs are yes. People are starting to talk about these issues finally and I can admit, I have been so afraid to in the past, but one of my coping mechanisms now, has been to throw myself in at the deep end with activities that I would normally find difficult due to anxiety. So I thought, well the biggest task would be to talk about it to people, & there's no bigger scale than putting it in a song. A similar song of mine had reached someone on the other side of the World who was suffering with mental health problems, they told me that my song had saved their life, it meant a lot to me, so obviously talking about it helps and that has completely changed my view on speaking up.   

If you could collaborate with an artist this very minute, who would you choose?

It would have to be Chino Moreno. As a singer, I think he's second to none and his songwriting is up there with the best for me. Deftones have always evolved through each album and I've enjoyed every part of it. I don't know what sort of music we'd make, but it would be good to find out.  

Do you have any plans to go on tour so fans can see you live?

Yes we are putting together the live plans at the minute. It will be interesting for people to see.  We have so many different things going on musically and I can't wait to share it. The focus has been so much on recording lately that I'm just itching to get on the road and get the music out there to a wider audience. 

Where can people find you online if they want to follow you? 

Twitter: http://twitter.com/diivesmusic1

Instagram: http://instagram.com/diivesmusic01

Facebook: http://facebook.com/diivesmusic

YouTube: https://goo.gl/zkVKjO

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/diives

Website: http://diivesmusic.com 

Again, thank you for taking the time! Stay awesome.

A pleasure - thank you for having me! Diives