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09/14/2018 12:20 PM
Louise Golbey - new music video out now
 A Good Life is Out now on all digital platforms.
09/14/2018 11:14 AM
Poni Capri ‘Expensive’ Out 14th September 2018

“British sound and Jamaican heritage to fused with UK hip-hop styles...Poni is a dangerous player in the music industry” Noise Beast

Expensive is the new single by London hip-hop/trap artist Poni Capri, so nicknamed
because she can “ride over any rhythm.” The track features the fierce vocals Jeff Chery
(signed to Rick Ross’ label) and has a vibrant music video featuring and directed by the
multitalented Poni herself.

“Expensive is a state of mind, I wanted to create a video that showed that a person can feel ‘expensive’
even if they live in the hood. It shows that thoughts and hard work will get you out of the hood.  
The craziest thing is that we filmed it in the Ghetto in Atlanta and the neighbors called the police on us
and they shut down our shoot!!” Poni Capri

Poni has been interviewed numerous times on BBC R1, BBC London and BBC 1Xtra and been
supported by The Source Magazine (USA) and XFM (Ghana). She has performed at
London Fashion Week and played to the Mayor of London at the ‘Rise Festival’ alongside Common
and The Wailers. Poni has performed as a support act for Dru Hill, ATL, Mos Def ‘Rock Da Bells’ Tour
and at Deal Real. Poni is also an actress, winning a Clive Dailey ‘Best Actor' Award.
She has been featured on Channel 4 ‘Musicool’, where she worked with some of entertainments
finest including Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Prince Choreographer Sean Cheesman.

Poni has worked some of the best producers in the world including
Denaun Porter of D12 (Eminem and 50Cent) and Darius Harrison ‘Deezle’(Lil Wayne).
Her major collaborations include a song called   Easy Money with Lil Wayne
and producer Tommy D ( Kanye West & Kylie Minogue). She is currently working
with some great production teams in Atlanta and her new album is due to release early 2018.

09/03/2018 07:55 PM
Matterz Interview: Sophia Mina

Sophia Mina is the sassy London Cypriot with an edgy R&B vibe and passion for pop. For us, the R&B/ pop lovers, it was about time to sit and talk with Sophia and learn more about her life, her latest EP and single. Last but not least, Sophia has some really good and exclusive news to share with all of you.

1)    Hi Sophia. How have you been?

Great thanks, very busy.

2) Could you describe a typical day of your life? What do you normally do?

Wake up in the morning, look at all the tasks I need to do, work out where I’m gonna fit in the gym,
daily singing practice or songwriting if I can. But I also work at Aladdin The Musical, so gotta make
sure, I get to work on time and most probably pick up half price Wasabi on the way home! :) Note: sometimes I lie in and all the positive and productive stuff I listed, before going to work doesn’t
happen! Haha!

3) You recently released your new single ‘Run To’. Was anything specific crossing your mind while writing this song?

I actually wrote this song for another singer so I based it upon some truths that were going on with her at the time, but completely dramatised it and made it into a massive deal which is now Run To. :D

4) Could you share with us your inspirations when you are in the studio and write your songs? Which specific topics provide you with the necessary firepower to be creative?

A lot of the time, I tend to have another song in my head or a few songs from artists that I like and say to my producer I wanna work on something like this so he’ll get on with the beat. I’ll start messing around with melodies and then some words might start happening. Or sometimes I say I’m feeling like this today, this guy is such a douche bag I wanna write a song about him being a douche bag xx n z! We might come up with a concept first it all really depends.

5) A week ago, you released the official video for ‘Run To’ which had more than 5K views in 24 hours. How are you feeling about it? Could you tell us more about the video, its concept and do you have a story or funny moments from behind-the-scenes to share with us?

It was definitely an amazing turnout, I was really surprised when I heard.

'Run To' the official music video

6) You were a 90’s – 00’s kid. Let us know about your favourite artists and role models. How is this era incorporated in your sound? Do you see any differences between then and now?

Britney, Aaliyah, Timbaland, JLo, Christina and yes… I admit Madonna! Most definitely, I think you can hear a lot of Max Martin and Dr Luke in my songs through structure and melodies. But, then the urban production side from Timbaland/ Aaliyah, with the slight Latin feel from J-Lo and vocal delivery of Madonna and Britney. So, there’s definitely a lot to take in! haha

7) This April, you had the launch party for your new EP ‘Fly’. You received favourable reviews and a great support from well-known blogs and radios in UK. Why do you want to ‘Fly’? Which is the story behind this EP?

The message behind ‘Fly’ is about being yourself and staying true to you, regardless of how society or people view you and tries to put you in a box. As long as you’re happy with you are, then, everyone else around you should be happy to i.e your friends and family etc. Because you love yourself and no one can love you if you don’t love you! The lyrical content is much deeper than just that, but I will let you decide for yourself. ;)

8) What’s next? Do you have any plans to go on tour or for a new single?

That was the plan, but I’ve got so much material I need to get finished up for the next few singles/ album so concentrating on that at the moment. I’ve got a performance this Sunday I will also be performing at Freedom Bar in Soho on the 2nd October 7pm Onwards. So I will definitely be performing at least once a month that’s for sure. You should get a lot more visual content soon as well... ;)

An exclusive sneak peek of Sophia's new music video 'Fly'

9) Do you have a special message for your fans?

Stay true to being you. Focus on the positives, learn from your mistakes and do all that you can to give yourself and your family the life that you want. But, also be kind to yourself and others and have fun along the way.

10) Sophia thank you very much for the interview.

My pleasure.

Follow Sophia on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Website | EPK  

08/30/2018 02:05 AM
Come Alive acoustic version by Bisola
Bisola ‘Come Alive’

“Bisola's newest single "Come Alive" is rousing, alluring and soul lifting all at once”  Earmilk
Track of the day on BBC Introducing South
‘Be Yourself’ and ‘Come Alive’ reach the top 10 of the Radio Indie Alliance music charts

Come Alive is the new dancefloor filling, soul inspiring banger from the beautiful British Bisola, the chart topping singer/songwriter. With early support from Earmilk and  Music Musings and Such, as well as  BBC Introducing South  making it their Track of the Day, Come Alive promises to be your song of the summer.

“I’m really excited about releasing ‘Come Alive’. The track is based on my personal experience of battling through a challenging time in my life and eventually finding hope or, in fact,, hope finding me...and giving me a new lease of life. The fact that the song also has such an upbeat, energetic pop arrangement that makes you want to dance is absolutely the icing on the cake. I hope everyone loves it and truly connects with it in some way” Bisola

Bisola is a true musical all-rounder. Her prowess as performer has secured bookings at world famous such as the Notting Hill Arts Club, I Luv Live (at Zigfrid Von Underbelly) and Proud Camden. Her skill as a songwriter led her to the finals of the 2018 Thame Town Music Festival Songwriting Competition and the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Competition. Bisola acted as Music Director and songwriter for the West End stage musical ‘Hannah – The Iyawo’ and The Voice newspaper ran a special feature of her in 2017. Her single The Impossible peaked at no. 5 on the Indie Charts, and Million Miles achieved number 1 spot with single on a US radio music chart. Her songs have featured on Best of British Unsigned and on countless online radio shows and blogs.

08/15/2018 09:21 AM
Sophia Mina “Run To” 31st Aug
Sophia Mina “Run To” 31st Aug
***“Great vibe” The Big Music Project**
**“The singer-songwriter has a Greek Cypriot and Chinese heritage, with her music rooted in pop and commercial RnB, as well as cutting-edge urban beats which underpin strong melodies and honest lyrics.”  Essentially Pop**
**"A sassy, defiant slab of dancefloor-infused electro-pop, oozing with chic, haunting hooks and a refreshingly eloquent level of lyrical honesty that's pretty rare in most music these days." JJD (The Loose Cannons)**

Run To is the new single from Sophia Mina, the sassy London Cypriot with an edgy R&B vibe and passion for pop. Sophia says “I wrote the song for another singer, but the whole time I was writing it, I thought - this song is just ME! So had to keep it!" As a 90's kid, Sophia loved singing along to Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, JoJo, and Aaliyah. Still a lover of unapologetic pop, her influences can be heard in her catchy choruses, vibrant styling, and energetic videos.

Run To is released after the success of Sophia’s EP Fly, which, along with her EP launch party in Tape in London, received excellent reviews earlier this year from platforms including  Music OT Future,  Guestlist,  One on One Selfie Sessions, Fubar Radio, Soundlab interview, Distract TV, Vents magazine, The Fan Carpet, Feminist Wednesday and World Wide Entertainment TV. Sophia was talent spotted and developed by Amy’s Yard and the Capital Xtra Music Potential Program. This helped her first two singles Where's Love and Turn It Up, released via the London based label Deep Stack Records to reach #10 in the Music Week Charts.  

**Sophia is performing live on 2nd September at Miusan in Camden &  19th August on Joao Paulo’s Imin radio show. Check out her website or socials for more info**

08/10/2018 03:12 PM
Bisola 'Come Alive' Interview

Q.1. Where did you get inspiration to write your own lyrics?
I think it came from going through some personal battles and getting to a point where I felt totally sapped of energy and life and really felt I needed a miracle to lift me and ‘bring me back to life’. I’m sure many people out there have been in similar situations where you know that you need something beyond yourself to transform you from a dry, desert like situation to a place where you feel refreshed, re-energised with a new zest for life.
Q.2. How do you see your career now comparative to 2012 when you released your first single ‘Need a little love’?
I think the key thing has been growth in my songwriting and performance abilities. I’ve been writing songs since I was twelve, thirteen years old as an outlet for the typical teenage angst and frustrations we all go through. The songs weren’t that great at first but gradually they started to get more structured and melodic. That said it took me a while to figure out if and how to get my music out there as I was totally oblivious of how the music business worked seeing I didn’t have any family or close friends in the music industry to advise me. So you can say I kind of learned the ropes as I went along.
The key thing is I definitely have clearer vision of what kind of music I want to be doing and what the ultimate end goal is.
Q.3. How did you react to the good reviews about your new single ‘Come Alive’?
Grateful I think is the key word. People have loved both the song and the music video which is fantastic ‘cos in many ways you’re pouring your heart and soul into the every song and project you do so if it isn’t well received, it can be tough but at the same time you have to appreciate that timing and many other factors - which may be sometimes out of your control can also have an impact on how things pan out so when you do experience any success even if it’s small you should never take it for granted.
Q.4. You spoke about challenges that you have been through your life in your new single; Can we have a hint of what it is about?
I don’t talk about it much, but I struggled with depression years back and it can be a really dark place where you feel no one can reach you. Trying to explain it to people is tough as well ‘cos they don’t really get it so you just keep it to yourself and pray somehow you get through. Thankfully that’s all behind me now but once in a while I do go through little patches where I feel a little down and out and I think I was in one of those moments when the idea for the song came. Thank God for my music and songwriting as it has over the years helped with articulating and dealing with tough emotions. I recall the image that came to mind when I was writing the song was the story I read about a pool (this was thousands of years ago), where an angel would come and water in the pool and anyone who jumped into the pool first when the angel stirred it would get healed or made better of anything that they were struggling with. I guess I was imagining in my mind that I was that person jumping into this pool and being made whole – you know, coming back to life hence the song title ‘Come Alive’
Q.5. How was the process of song-writing and recording this single which somehow means a lot to you? Were you afraid of the general feedback?
It’s funny I tend to write songs and then I sit on them for a while or I plan on releasing them some point in the future but I got a sense of urgency with this one. It felt like a song I had to get out straight away, partly I guess ‘cos it was such an uptempo summery track that if I didn’t get moving with getting it produced asap, it would be next year summer at least before it would see the light of day.
The song had such a nice groove to it when I played it acoustically on the guitar and by some good fortune, I came across a great music producer ‘Jeriah Nadesan’ who I found on Instagram. I liked the sound of the stuff he was doing and I sent him a rough demo of the track to see what he thought. He was enthusiastic and had some great ideas – plus he worked fast so everything just moved quickly. In hindsight, I guess there wasn’t time to worry about what people would think. I think as you write more and more songs you begin to get a sense of what works which helps. That said the production and getting it out there so people can access the music is also a big part of the process.
Q.6. How was the experience in getting into the final/semi-final of Thame Town Music Festival Songwriting and the UK Songwriting Competition?
I was really grateful for both opportunities and in the case of the Thame Town Music Festival, it was a little unexpected actually. I was researching festivals taking place over the summer and happened to notice that Thame Town was holding their first ever songwriting competition as an add-on to their main music festival. I sent in one of my songs ‘Be Yourself’ for the competition and didn’t think anything would come of it but then out of the blue they got in touch and said they loved the song so much that I’d made the final shortlist and was invited to come and perform it live the day at an event taking place the day before the music festival.
Q.6.1. What did you take with you to follow in your professional life from the competition?
I think it validated the need to keep writing and releasing good music ‘cos you never know which song will connect with people. Also, keep putting yourself out there and giving yourself the opportunities to be discovered. It’s not easy – and I’m speaking from personal experience, but if I hadn’t applied for either of those competitions then I would never be able to say I had the experience so it’s definitely encouraged me to keep pressing forward.
Q.7. Do you have any more upcoming singles/album soon?
I’ve got a number of songs written and it’s now just finding the right producer and coming up with the right approach to get them out there e.g. whether I release more singles or do an album. I think at a bare minimum I’d like to get another single out early next year as a precursor to a full album. Fingers crossed!Q.7.1. Are they following the same inspirational outline that you have been defined?
I think writing music that inspires and moves people in a positive way is my raison d'être. I remember just before I released my first single ‘Need a little love’, I had been pulling my hair out trying to understand the point for writing and singing as it just didn’t seem enough that I should be doing it because I could hold a tune or because someone thought I could write a catchy hook. I knew deep inside there had to be a deeper more meaningful reason and if I didn’t have that answer then it would just be a tick in the box exercise that would bring no true sense of satisfaction to me personally.
In the end, the answer hit me and it was that all the songs I was writing and singing weren’t for me. They were for others out there, they were to help people, encourage them, lift them up and let them know they weren’t alone. There are so many artists doing such a great job singing and writing about love, money whatever, it made no sense for me to replicate that. I believe we need more music talking about real stuff people go through in life which sometimes they may find difficult to articulate or don’t think anyone wants to hear about. While there’s room for the happy, clappy stuff which I do like to write as well, a lot of my songs tend to have more depth and a key message behind them which hopefully makes you think, inspires you to do better and be better and ultimately connects with you in a meaningful way.
Q.8. What do you have prepared for your fans soon?
More good music and more gigs! I’ve got some gigs lined up over the autumn season and hopefully I’ll be adding more dates in the coming weeks so watch this space!

08/10/2018 02:17 PM
Libby Whitehouse “Too Deep”

Libby Whitehouse “Too Deep”
Top 30 in the Spotify UK Viral Chart
Performed at The Great Escape & I Luv Live
Three No.1’s on ‘Sounds of Brighton’ Spotify Chart

“Dua Lipa meets Zara Larsson” Music Week

After the success of her last single Cut it Off, 18-year old Brighton beauty Libby Whitehouse is back with another edgy pop record. Too Deep is an R’n’B future classic, destined to follow the footsteps of Libby’s past singles and smash the Spotify charts. Libby says: "'Too Deep' was written spontaneously, about a boy and a girl dating, and him not really having any personality, so she’s not taking it too seriously. The session was a really chilled day in the studio,  it was never expected that the song we wrote in the session would be released, but my team and I knew it was a cool RnB vibe for us to drop this summer"
Though only 17 at the time, Libby released three singles in 2017, ‘Hands on Me’, ‘Recipe’ and ‘What I Want’, gaining her the attention of The Great Escape, I Luv Live, and the Spotify Viral Charts.  Too Deep will be followed by more fresh new music before a much anticipated EP, due for release in November 2018.
Libby is a recent graduate from the prestigious BIMM college, which boasts alumni such as James Bay, Izzy Bizu and Tom Odell. Her achievements on spotify to date prove she is well on her way to putting her name alongside these great artists. With landing a spot in the Top 30 in the ‘Spotify UK Viral Chart’, to Number 1 and 2 in the Brighton Spotify chart for sixty consecutive days,  as well as big playlist inclusions on the likes of Spotify’s ‘This Is How We Do’ and ‘Chilled Pop Hits’.
Libby kicked off 2018 with a performance at I Luv Live at Zigfrid Von Underbelly in London as well as a sold-out performance at the Great Escape 2018 in May, with Libby’s debut headline show is also planned for Autumn 2018.

07/26/2018 03:11 PM
Bisola ‘Come Alive’ | Out 14th Aug 2018
Bisola ‘Come Alive’  | Out 14th Aug 2018
“Bisola's newest single "Come Alive" is rousing, alluring and soul lifting all at once”  Earmilk
Track of the day on BBC Introducing South
‘Be Yourself’ and ‘Come Alive’ reach the top 10 of the Radio Indie Alliance music charts

Come Alive is the new dancefloor filling, soul inspiring banger from the beautiful British Bisola, the chart-topping singer/songwriter. With early support from Earmilk and  Music Musings and Such, as well as  BBC Introducing South  making it their Track of the Day, Come Alive promises to be your song of the summer.

“I’m really excited about releasing ‘Come Alive’. The track is based on my personal experience of battling through a challenging time in my life and eventually finding hope or, in fact,, hope finding me...and giving me a new lease of life. The fact that the song also has such an upbeat, energetic pop arrangement that makes you want to dance is absolutely the icing on the cake. I hope everyone loves it and truly connects with it in some way” Bisola

Bisola is a true musical allrounder. Her prowess as performer has secured her bookings at world famous venues such as the Notting Hill Arts Club, I Luv Live (at Zigfrid Von Underbelly) and Proud Camden. Her skill as a songwriter led her to the final in of the Thame Town Music Festival Songwriting Competition and the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Competition. Bisola acted as Musical Director and songwriter for the West End stage musical ‘Hannah – The Iyawo’ and The Voice newspaper ran a special feature of her in 2017. Her single The Impossible peaked at no. 5 on the Indie Charts, and Million Miles achieved the number 1 spot on the US radio music chart. Her songs have featured on Best of British Unsigned and on countless online radio shows and blogs. Though Bisola has achieved so much in her career already, the best is still to come! Keep checking her social media platforms for details of her latest live dates.

07/26/2018 03:08 PM
Winner of The Voice (Kids) releases debut solo single! JESS FOLLEY ‘CHASING SHADOWS’

Winner of The Voice (Kids) releases debut solo single!

“Jess Slayed with her performance of Beyonce’s Love On Top” – METRO
“Jess Folley proved to be the standout act of The Voice Kids UK” – Telly Mix


At only 15 years old, Jess Folley has already won a national TV competition and made headlines in The Sun, Daily Mail, OK Magazine and Billboard! The young starlet wowed coaches and fans on the ‘The Voice Kids’, winning the show with a final performance that Will.i.am said, ‘Scorched the stage!’ Jess is now releasing her debut solo single ‘Chasing Shadows’. co-written with award winning producer and director of DM Unsigned, Darren Martyn. Jess says, “since winning the Voice Kids, I’ve taken time out to focus on my sound and develop as an artist. I love writing songs almost as much as I love singing them and want to be fully involved in all the music I make. Working with DM Unsigned has helped me do that. I’m excited for everyone to hear ‘Chasing Shadows’ and everything that is going to follow!”

At the tender age of four, Jess joined a local dance school and was quickly spotted as a young talent. Regular shows, festivals and talent competitions helped her gain confidence and it wasn’t long before local media started to take notice and she began to grow a following. She was an instant hit on ‘The Voice Kids’ and, since winning, her social media fanbase has rocketed. Jess was so popular with the producers of the show that they asked her to return for an interview at this year’s live final. You can catch Jess speaking with Emma Willis, along with a clip of her video for ‘Chasing Shadows’ on ITV on 21st July. You can also see her perform live this month on 22nd July at the Wings and Wheels Festival in Havering, and on 28th July at the Southend Relay Summer Festival.

07/26/2018 03:06 PM
Jubel “Dancing in the Moonlight” Impact Date 14th Aug
Jubel “Dancing in the Moonlight” Impact Date 14th Aug

**Rapid growth sees the single break the Swedish Top 10 Charts**
**Global Viral Chart success including Sweden, Norway & Denmark**
With rapid streaming growth and chart topping success since it's release, there's no wonder why everyone wants to know more about the emerging Swedish duo Jubel and their number 1 viral single ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’, a refreshing spin on the much adored classic which is setting its sights on becoming a global summer smash!
Since its release ’Dancing In The Moonlight' has shot up to the Top 10 in Sweden, achieving global viral charts success across the globe and (despite only being featured 4 weeks ago) becoming the most watched video this year on the major Youtube channel Mr Revillz.
"Super happy about the response on our take of this true classic. The song has been a big part of our youth and hopefully our version can bring some sunshine to a new crowd" - Jubel
This latest release follows prior success in their native Sweden with key support on NRJ, featuring on a global H&M campaign with Illusion and being regularly supported by major Youtube dance channels such as Mr Revillz, Chill Nation and more. Their previous releases featured prominently on Chill Pop playlists online such as Chill Hits on Spotify with 3.1m followers and Chill House on Apple Music in 22 respective territories.

07/17/2018 09:38 AM
J Webb ‘Pay Attention’ Motster Remixes

Listen to ‘Pay Attention’ Motster Remixes here & here

Pay Attention is the new single from London power vocalist J Webb, featuring rap heavyweight Honours Tea. Described as Rihanna meets Anne Marie, J Webb is a no-messing force of nature who embodies female empowerment and self-reliance.  The young singer says “Pay Attention is a female bedroom anthem, showing your lover you’re not taking a backseat - his full attention is needed from start to finish. I had a lot of fun building the track and have even more fun performing it.”
J Webb is a self-employed model, performer and businesswoman who is as savvy as she is sassy. She says, “as an artist, I want my music to serve the same qualities which I needed as a child, an expression of all emotions and most importantly the love of self.... strong, confident, sexually confident and above all, true to how I feel... no sugar coating.” From an early age, music truly served its purpose in J Webb’s life. She was dependent on music to help her cope with strong emotions, happy, sad, in love or angry... music always held the invisible answer.  J Webb was an instant hit as a model and she has driven her own career from the start. She says, “being a self-employed woman was the greatest gift I could have given to myself. But now I’m ready to make music again.” J Webb reconnected with a producer she’d known since she was 16. The pair had worked on a demo together which landed J Webb a deal with Sony.  The leading track Down and Dirty was a huge success and won J Webb a loyal fan base in countries all over the world. Now on her own label, J Webb is unstoppable. Pay Attention to this fresh new talent…

Follow J Webb on  Soundcloud | Instagram | YouTube |EPK

07/10/2018 07:09 PM
Matterz Interview: Rae Stewart

1.            Hi, Rae! Welcome to MATTERZ. You recently released the EP ‘Hear Me’, what is the story behind this release?
It's basically an introduction of my voice and also a chance for me to play around be versatile have different sounds.

2.            You have released music in the past, how does ‘Hear Me’ differ from your previous releases?
I really spent my time developing my writing and confidence. I am definitely not there, I am still learning, still battling with my confidence but the difference is ain't stopping this time.

3.            You also recently released a video for ‘Dangerous’, one of the songs on your EP. What was the inspiration behind the set and feel for the video?
It's a follow up from my song 'fake love' the women's just got to a point where shes done with her exes behaviour the negative energy he comes with is draining and enough is enough he's gotta keep it moving.

4.            You worked with Triple B and Manze on this release. How did you meet them and what has that experience been like?
We met through my manager J and anytime I am in the studio with either of them it's laughs joke but we also get to work and just create art they become like family.

5.            How did your time in the group Venus help inspire your sound now?
I was quite young then and didn't take it seriously, I was not confident at all in the studio and we just grew apart.

6.            What first got you interested in music?
I've grown up in music. My mother, sisters, brother always were singing and dancing. My older sister had a song out in the 80's, my uncle had music studios. Music was always there. It's only the last couple of years that I told myself that I have to try at least, even if the things went wrong. Just to know that I did it. I made music.

7.            Many musical influences can be heard in your music. Who are some of your favourite influences and how have they impacted your music?
The sounds of Lauren Hill, Teedra Moses, Swv Jhene Aiko, Prince. There are too many, seriously, they all just influenced me to sing. My real pain love happiness etc.

8.            Do you have any plans for a tour or special events this summer?
Just to get more music out, keep working in a few shows that are coming up and just gotta keep a look out on my socials.

9.            Do you have a special message for your fans?
Don't waste time wanting to be approved by others. No one is perfect and everyone goes through good and bad situations. Live your life to the fullest because time waits for no one.

10.         Thank you so much for your time, Rae
No thank you !!

Follow Rae on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify

06/25/2018 10:42 PM
Kojo Rigault Releases ‘Ghetto Girl’ ft R33MZ
Kojo Rigault ‘Ghetto Girl’ ft R33MZ
No. 9 in Music Week Urban Charts with ‘Loved Up’
No. 4 Single in the European Music Video Charts
Best Caribbean R&B Group Award

This is the future sound of Reggae’Music Week
Will have you on your feet for sure’  Sample Face
Totally fresh soundMusic News

Trinidad and Tobago-born, London-based reggae pop singer Kojo Rigault is set to release the Reggae song of the summer, ‘Ghetto Girl’. The track features an irresistible baseline that is surefire catch on for DJ’s to drop on the dance floor. The song follows the same formula of Reggae/R&B/dancehall mix and tells the story of a Ghetto Queen who looks after her man with the type of love that’s so strong no uptown, high street girl with ‘bling’ could ever waver his attention. This remix features a collaboration with upcoming Brooklyn NY Rapper R33MZ and the track is produced by Legendary Reggae producer Livingston Brown, a well-known producer for Maxi Priest, Barrington Levy and some of dancehall’s greatest hits including Maxi’s ‘Closer To You’. 

Kojo’s music story began at an early age when he formed a Boys II Men inspired boy band with his childhood friends called New Creation. The group became an overnight sensation after their appearance on Trinidadian TV show Party Time with their acappella renditions of Boys II Men classics like ‘End of The Road’ and ‘So Hard To Say Goodbye’. The group gained the attention of Eddy Grant, which led to the recording of their first album ‘Spirits of Gold’. The group earned the position of number 4 single in the European music video charts and broke into the UK Top 40, winning a best Caribbean R&B group award and scoring a place in Trinidad & Tobago’s history as one of the country’s best-known pop groups. 

It is clear ‘Ghetto Girl’ follows a history of success for Kojo. In the time since his days with New Creation, he has worked with Craig David’s producer Mark Hill, head of A&R at Jetstar, Dee Leng, and most recently, dance producer/remixer K Warren. This collaboration resulted in ‘Loved Up,’ the first single from his album that earned a spot in the top ten Music Week chart entry and 7 weeks in the Urban charts. Stay up to date on Kojo’s rise to the top by checking his social media for the latest updates.

06/19/2018 09:31 AM
Aaron Martyn ‘Seperate ways’ ft. Jess Folley

“After receiving over 100,000 views on his cover of Drake’s ‘One Dance’, 13-year-old Aaron Martyn unveils his new single ‘Slide into My DM’…expect to hear more from the bright, young talent in the very near future.” – MTV
“Aaron’s only 13-years of age and is already making some moves in the UK Urban music scene!” – Link Up TV

“Aaron Martyn may be young, but he has a hell of a lot of talent.” – Celeb Mix

Since the release of debut single ‘Slide into my DM’, out last year and praised by the likes of MTV, Link Up TV, Hackney Gazette and Celeb Mix, rising teenage singer Aaron Martyn’s latest release ‘Miss You’, produced by Rytunez (Krishane/Sean Paul/Wiley), was premiered via Niji Magazine earlier this year. For his next project he is teaming up with Jess Folley, winner of The Voice Kids UK in 2017, and they are releasing the song ‘Separate Ways’. The song was written by Aaron Martyn, Darren Martyn (Tom Zanetti/M.O) & Curtis Richardson (Rihanna/David Guetta/Craig David) and produced by Darren Martyn.
Aaron says: "I can't wait to release this record! It's been really fun and exciting bringing it all together. Jess was the perfect collaboration for this one".
Aaron Martyn made a huge personal sacrifice to pursue his passion for music. A naturally gifted footballer, he was scouted at 9 years old and played for top clubs including Tottenham Hotspurs, Charlton Athletic, Fulham, and Leyton Orient, all by the age of twelve. But last year, whilst sitting in his dad’s studio (Darren Martyn/DM Unsigned), Aaron plucked up the courage to say how much he wanted to be a singer. Aaron sang Miguel’s ‘Adorn’ to his dad, who saw something special and began developing Aaron weekly. Eight months later Aaron released his cover version of ‘Drake – One Dance’ stacking up nearly 140,000 views. On his 13th birthday, Aaron released his 1st free download EP ‘Thirteen’. The debut record ‘Tears Don’t Dry’ premiered on Link Up TV and made a stamp on the urban music scene. Heads began to turn; TV and event requests came in and the Hackney Gazette published a double page spread. Since then, Aaron teamed up with Eastender’s Star Maisie Smith to perform on a five-date school tour, covering 10 schools and delivering 20 shows. Social media stats doubled and a loyal fan base was born. The two young stars have also performed several covers on YouTube which have racked up thousands of views Now Aaron is releasing his forthcoming EP through Defenders Ent.

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Shekhinah releases ‘Suited’ SynX Remix ft Mr Eazi
Shekhinah ‘Suited’ SynX Remix ft Mr Eazi
No. 1 on South African Artist Airplay Charts
‘Suited’ No. 1 on Shazam Charts
No. 1 on Coca Cola Top 40

Immensely talented vocalist and songwriterZkhiphani
Already set airways ablaze’  Jacaranda FM
One of the most consistent artists in the music industryDaily Sun

South African songbird and sweetheart Shekhinah has teamed up with Nigerian star Mr Eazi to release the remix of ‘Suited’; a perfect duet that is driving Africa into a frenzy. The track showcases a fresh power-driven sound with an Afro Pop vibe and portrays Shekhinah’s authenticity as a writer. 

‘Suited’ is taken from Shekhinah’s debut album ‘Rose Gold,’ (Sony Music Africa). The single is currently one of the most played songs by a national artist on South African radio and was nominated for Record of the Year at the South African Music Awards (SAMAs). The album was nominated for 6 categories including Best Female Album, Best Album of The Year and Best Produced Album. 

‘Suited’ Remix ft Mr Eazi follows a history of success for Shekhinah. In 2016 she had two South African number one hit singles, ‘Back To The Beach’ with Kyle Deutsch (which won Best Pop and Alternative at the MTV Africa Music Awards; Best Hit Single at the Metro FM Awards) and ‘Let You Know’ with Sketchy Bongo. Shekhinah followed these hit singles with a collaboration with dance music superstar Black Coffee titled ‘Your Eyes’ which became a smash hit and was rated as Black Coffee’s 6th best song by Billboard. 

Shekhinah’s’ music story began at the young age of 17 when she quickly rose to national attention as part of the global Idols franchise, reaching the top six of the show’s 8th season. In the time since then, she has focused on honing her craft by completing a live performance degree at AFDA. It is clear Shekhinah’s rise to the top has only just begun! Be sure to keep checking her social media for the latest updates.

06/11/2018 01:58 PM
Louise Golbey - Still

Listen to the song here

Following the release of the Deluxe Edition of her ‘Love It Or Leave It’ EP – Louise’s new single ‘Still’ is a powerful soulful pop ballad co-written with and produced by Ross O’Reilly (Stealth, Suits) and will be released on Friday 20th April just in time for Record Store Day.

It was included in The Official Charts New Music Friday list for the release day. 

Having played alongside Ed Sheeran at one of his very first London gigs at Kentish Town’s iconic Abbey Tavern and also at his last surprise intimate show at The Green Note in Camden, singer/songwriter Louise Golbey has built up an impressive reputation over the last few years.

Louise is an established artist and has shared the stage with many big names such as Katy B, Jessie J, Sam Smith, Paloma Faith, Lianne La Havas and Mr Hudson to name a few.
She has worked on tracks with Example and Newham Generals (signed to Dizzie Rascal’s Dirtee Stank label).

She was recently Caffe Nero’s Artist of The Month (following Jack Savoretti) and has had radio support from BBC Radio 2, Radio 1Xtra, BBC 6 Music, BBC London, Jazz FM and Mi-Soul.

She is also one of the most in-demand openers on the UK Live circuit, Louise has performed to 6,000 people ahead of the legendary George Benson at a Kenwood House Picnic Concert, landed support slots for En Vogue and Roberta Flack at the Indigo O2, a sold out UK tour with The Stylistics, Roy Ayers, Omar and Kenny Thomas and Barack Obama’s favourite artist – Anthony David at Bush Hall. She has played at Isle of Wight Festival and Glastonbury (on the BBC Introducing stage), recorded at Maida Vale studios and has performed at legendary venues such as Ronnie Scotts, the Jazz Cafe & the London Jazz Festival.

Live Shows:

Monday 16th April
Single launch at Crazy Coqs Cabaret, Brasserie Zedel, London

Friday 18th May
Supporting Zo! And Carmen Rogers at Mojo Club, Hamburg
With Omar

Saturday 26th May
Foodies Festival, Syon Park, London

Monday 23rd July
606 Club, London

Follow Louise Golbey on Facebook I Twitter I Instagram I SoundCloud

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Rae Stewart releases new EP 'Hear Me'
Rae Stewart ‘Hear Me’ 30th April
Top 30 in the Music Week Pop/Commercial Chart
Regular local radio plays on Legacy FM and Unity FM
‘Be Down’ and ‘Fake Love’ made DJ Target’s Unsigned Artist Song of The Week
‘Dangerous’ featured on Amazing Radio playlist

‘Vibrant and inspiring artist’  Northside Media TV
“Vocally stunning” Unity Radio

Mancunian singer-songwriter Rae Stewart has released her EP ‘Hear Me’, featuring artfully mixed soulful vocals with 90’s R&B and hip hop beats. The EP presents Rae’s versatility as an artist and showcases her unique Destiny’s Child meets Missy Elliot sound. In Rae’s own words, the release is, “a big accomplishment for me, as I share some personal feelings of what I've been through in life, realness only! I hope you love it as much as I do.”

‘Hear Me’ follows a history of success for Rae. Her single ‘Be Down’ landed a place in the top 30 on Music Week’s Pop/Commercial Chart and ‘Fake Love’ earned the title of DJ Targets Unsigned Artist Song of The Week on his Tuesday evening show. Rae is a unique artist whose talents have begun to blossom throughout the past months, with the added support of her creative team at Northside Media and also the talents of producer’s Triple B and Manze.

Rae Stewart’s music story began at the young age of three when she first started singing. By the age of 18 she had already sang and performed with a group called Venus alongside two other girls from Manchester. In that time she had also competed on the TV programme, Asbo Teens to Beauty Queens. It was always clear that music was going to be a big part of her life.

Rae kicked off the ‘Hear Me’ EP release with a private listening party in her home town of Manchester. She is booked to perform on an all-female line up for a charity in Camden on 25th of May. More shows are planned for the summer, keep checking her social media for the latest updates.

06/07/2018 09:19 AM
MATTERZ Interview: John Gibbons

John Gibbons releases the next big summer anthem, 'Sweat'.

1. Hi, John! Welcome to MATTERZ. You recently released the single ‘Sweat’. Why did you choose this song to work on and release?

Hi guys, great to chat! A couple of years ago, when I first signed my record deal I decided I’d love to reboot and release three of my favourite tracks from childhood for a modern audience. These were Charles & Eddie’s ‘Would I Lie To You’, ‘PYT (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson, and Inner Circle’s classic, ‘Sweat’. Having already had great success with the first two tracks, I’m delighted that ‘Sweat’ has now hit the airwaves, marking a personal milestone for me, and I’m very excited to see how it performs. The song brings back great childhood memories of summer holidays spent on the beach without a care in the world.

2. What first got you interested in music?
I’ve always experimented with music, singing playing piano, doing radio shows and immersing myself in many different styles and genres. I’ve always loved dance music too. I’ve extremely broad musical interests and while I was never a ‘raver’ or even a regular clubber in my formative years, I was always particularly attracted to dance music and the unique reactions it seems to elicit in people. There’s something raw and untamed about the heartbeat-mimicking effect of a 4/4 kick-drum and it continues to have a hypnotic effect on me, tapping into something deep and primal in the subconscious. DJ’ing just seemed like the most natural thing in the world to me and once I played my first gig I was hooked.

3. You have released other well-performing singles in the past such as, ‘Would I Lie to You’ and ‘P.Y.T.’. How does ‘Sweat’ differ from your previous singles?

‘Sweat’ is quite different from ‘Would I Lie To You’ and ‘P.Y.T’ in that, although it is a cover of an old classic, it reveals more of my dance-floor influences that the aforementioned singles. The music is slightly clubbier than before and whilst the vocal is upbeat with an obvious summer feel, there is are some darker elements running through the track. This is particularly apparent in the extended and club mixes, which will follow the release of the radio edit. ‘Sweat’ also marks a return to more club-friendly sound, with my last single ‘My Reflection’ having taken a much slower and more soulful direction.

4. You have worked with many big acts. What are some of your favourite acts to work with and why?
I think my favourite to date have been Anne Marie and Gavin James. To remix a pair of truly unique artists, both of whom I’ve admired for years has been very special and a wonderful experience. I’m also very luck to work in the studio on a regular basis behind the scenes with fantastic artists such as Digital Farm Animals, Jay Pryor and Vertue. In terms of live performance, highlights in the past 12 months have included Tiesto, Martin Garrix, French Montana, Macklemore and Justin Bieber – all amazing artists with incredible fans to whom it has been a privilege to play.

5. Many musical influences can be heard in your music. Who are some of your favourite influences and how have they impacted your music?

I grew up listening to the music my parents exposed me to and accordingly have retained a huge love for acts such as Dire Straits, Queen, Fleetwood Mac and Elton John among many others. As I began to listen to music a bit more independently I started gravitating towards a lot of hip-hop and then had my eureka moment when I first heard Snap’s ‘Rhythm Is A Dancer’. This single song opened me up to dance music for the first time and I began to devour everything from Prodigy and Leftfield albums to DJ sets from Carl Cox and Tony de Vit along with everything in between. More recently and in the studio I’ve been hugely influenced by producers such as Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Eric Prydz and even Max Martin for a wide variety of reasons.

6. You got your start in Dublin and now you’re headed back to do a show with The Chainsmokers this summer. How has the community there supported your musical career?

Dublin has always been amazing for me. From promoting and playing at underground events in the early days as a DJ, to my recent sell-out headline show in the iconic Olympia Theatre, it has always felt like the fulcrum of my live career, so to now be playing stadium shows in the city is an amazing feeling. I’ve always had a wonderfully supportive fan base in Dublin and indeed throughout Ireland and I’m very excited to be back this summer!

7. Do you have any plans for a special tour or gigs around the UK?
Absolutely. I’ve played a few times in the UK in the past few months, most notably sold-out shows in Edinburgh, Blackpool and the amazing O2 Academy in Bristol, so I’m very excited to do a full tour later in the year. I can’t say much about it just yet as the details are still being finalised but watch this space – you’ll be the first to know!

8. Do you have a special message for your fans?
Turn off your TV, open your eyes, ears, heart and mind, be kind to those around you, be persistent and no matter what your situation, the world will ultimately become an amazing place for you to be. Oh and grab a copy of ‘Sweat’, you’ll love it!

9. Thank you so much for your time, John!
My pleasure, I hope to speak again soon!
06/04/2018 06:09 PM
MATTERZ Interview: J Webb

J Webb is back in the music scene with a fresh new summer hit, 'Pay Attention'.

1. Hi, J Webb! Welcome to MATTERZ. You recently released the single ‘Pay Attention’, what is the story behind this song?

Pay Attention represents the modern woman that takes control in the bedroom from time to time, we now live in a world where it’s ok to tell your partner his getting tied up tonight.

2. What first got you interested in music?
I could sing before I could talk so it was case of music choosing me, I can’t go a day without singing it’s unnatural. Life has its many responsibilities which we must attend to, singing is not a fast track to a stable life in the beginning stages as it’s hard building a musical following. Getting a job and securing my lifestyle was key before venturing down this path of music.

3. You worked with Honours Tea for the release. How did you meet him and what was that experience like?

My producer loves to take his time when creating and the direction to a song can change 2 to 4 times before something sticks, a few days in to production he kept saying something is missing then his eyes lit up. He known Honours Tea from other projects which they had and considered him for a collaborative union, Honours jumped on the track and the rest is history his flow was dynamite.

4. You also released a music video to accompany ‘Pay Attention’. What was the inspiration behind the set and feel for the video?

I do a lot of Fetish Modeling in Dungeons so the location and outfit was a no brainer, the track is very gritty has a fem Dom vibe it all married up nicely.

5. You have released music in the past, how does ‘Pay Attention’ differ from your previous releases?
My last release was under Sony the Track was called Down and dirty it was a completely different vibe EDM, I love this style of music it’s something I go out clubbing with my friends and listen to at home but I didn’t want to get box into that category. Having the comfort of making any style of music is heaven, as an artist the most Beautiful list thing is to be able to create with no limitations.

6. You’ve mentioned ‘love of self’ in the past, do you try to incorporate that message into your music?
100% love for self is at the top of my list, with social media consistently brainwashing the masses on The concept of beauty - the perfect life - the perfect body - the perfect.........“whatever” it’s very easy for a person to feel unappreciated or unworthy when you look around at there own life and see that they don’t all the above. Attitude of gratitude and love for self is so important.

7. Many musical influences can be heard in your music. Who are some of your favourite influences and how have they impacted your music?
I’m an 80s baby so this period plus 90s is my all time favourite soft spot, when I listen to tracks from this eire I feel movement internally a deep connection to what is being said. Like Bob Marley said “when the music hits you, you feel no pain”

To list a few of my favourite 90s artist Brandy, SWV, Faith Evans, Mary J Blige, Monica, Lauren Hill, escape, Toni Braxton, Keith sweat, Jodeci, blackstreet, kut close, total the list can go on but I think you get the jest.

8. Do you have any plans for a tour or special events this summer?
DJ Ace at BBC1XTRA has started spinning my track every day on the morning show, I’ll be performing at his Event Record box on July 19th at Camden assembly, 24th of June Westside Radio have invited me down for an interview and live performance so the ball is rolling. I’m hoping for lots of performances this year, I just want to get out there and give my best .

9. Do you have a special message for your fans?
I would like to thank everyone for giving me the change to sing to them, it’s my calling in life which completes a big piece of my puzzle.

10. Thank you so much for your time, J Webb!
06/01/2018 10:20 AM
John Gibbons releases the single 'Sweat'
John Gibbons ‘Sweat (A La La La La Long)’ 1st June
No. 1 on Shazam for ‘P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)’
2x platinum singles with 'Would I Lie To You' and 'P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
100+ Million Streams on Spotify

It’s hard not to dance to the groove that Gibbons establishes…seamlessly blending the older vocals with new soundsYourEDM
It wouldn’t be Friday without John Gibbons’ BBC Radio1
Watch this space as John Gibbons prepares to join the A-List!IhouseYou

Hailed as “Ireland’s answer to Calvin Harris,” Irish DJ/Producer, John Gibbons, is preparing to release the next big summer anthem, ‘Sweat’. The track showcases his unique spin on the 90’s classic by Inner Circle, creating a bass irresistible to dance to. In John’s own words, he is, “extremely excited for this release. Every good summer needs a hot, sweaty soundtrack and with this single I’ve set out to encapsulate that feel-good vibe, which I believe will have people everywhere jumping, dancing and singing along! Get ready to ‘SWEAT’!” 

‘Sweat’ follows a history of success for John. His breakout single ‘Would I Lie To You’ landed him at Number 1 on Shazam and over 33 million streams on Spotify. In addition, his music has been featured on the soundtrack of hit US TV show ‘Pretty Little Liars’, as well as becoming a regular feature on BBC Radio 1's Dance Anthems over the last 12 months

John Gibbons’ music story began at the young age of 15 when he quickly became a staple name in Dublin’s growing club scene and a regular feature on pirate radio stations. Shortly after, he earned a slot on Spin 1038 and began touring internationally and has continued his rise to the top since.

Building up to the release of ‘Sweat’, John toured with Justin Bieber, Tiesto, Jax Jones and Craig David amongst others in the past 12 months, in addition to remixing numerous hit singles including Anne Marie’s global smash ‘Heavy’. He also had a sold out show at the iconic ‘Olympia Theatre’ in Dublin, not to mention his 100+ million streams on Spotify. It is no surprise that John Gibbons has become one of the most in demand DJs across the festival season in 2018, with festival appearances and residencies booked across Europe, including support for The Chainsmokers on their stadium tour in Ireland in June. More shows are planned for the summer, keep checking his social media for the latest updates.